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March 31, 2010

 Last week I told you all a little about myself and how I got to be a part of the Cannons. This week I’ll let you all know a bit about my training regiment and my bicep curl abilities.

Playing for the Boston Blazers (NLL)has been helpful in keeping me in shape and with a stick in my hand. I’ve been lifting with the guys on the team a couple days a week at CrossFit Boston with my boy Neil who guides us through some pretty intense workouts.

This is what Mike could look like by training camp

I’m not usually one to lift many weights so its good for me to be part of a training program with a trainer. Otherwise you can usually find me at the gym taking long breaks and distracting others from their workouts. My feeling is that the presence of the gym makes you stronger not necessarily the actual weight lifting. However, I am trying to get bigger and stronger going into training camp so I’ve abandoned my old ways and am crushing the gym.

One of Mike's mini lax opponents

Outside of the gym I’ve been meeting up with Matt Smalley (Fellow Cannon) a couple times a week to shoot on Bruce Bickford (Cannons Goalie) in Rhode Island. We’re all recently drafted and want to make sure we get the rust off before getting to training camp. Back home there is pretty much a constant
game of mini lacrosse at the Blazers team house in Boston and with my steady improvement I am poised to take down House Champion Matt Lyons in the near future.

That’s all this week, I hope all you Cannons fans are getting as excited for the upcoming season as I am. 

Mike is a Wellesley, MA native and regular contributor to the Cannons Blog. He starred at Middlebury College where he was a 3 time USILA All-American including twice earning First Team honors. He scored 57 goals in his senior season, the second most goals in a single season in Middlebury history. Mike is training to make the Cannons roster this year.


Wakey Wakey

March 31, 2010

Let’s start the day off with old friend Mikey Powell doing his Superman impression flying for a goal.  Check it out at around the 14 second mark for the slow motion replay.

Send in your lacrosse highlights to and have them featured on the Cannons Blog!


March 30, 2010

Buck drove hillbilly style to get a good nights sleep


Do you know how sketchy it is to drive 30 minutes with a full sized mattress loosely attached to the roof of your car? Well, I found out the answer to that question this weekend, turns out it is pretty sketchy, yep, I was “that guy,” driving 40 mph on I-93. HA! What else was I to do? I was alone in Boston and in desperate need of a bed after a red eye flight from LA.

The flight turned out to be pretty good. I have been traveling a ton this past year and this was my first direct flight across country in a long time. I wonder how much time in the past year I have wasted sitting at layovers?(random thought)  Anyway, I usually try to catch some sleep on these across country flights, but this time the anticipation of the move kept me wide awake. Good thing I flew jet blue and could watch……

After a weekend here in Boston, the adrenaline is starting to wear off and the jet leg is kicking in. I did accomplish a good amount this past weekend. I picked up my new ride, and along with that I got an easy pass. It’s my first easy pass, I’m pumped! Little things in life excite me, if you haven’t noticed. I also bought a dresser, got a desk from my uncle, spent time with my parents who were in town, let my mother clean my room (yes let her) then moved all my stuff in, and I even played a pick-up game of lax up in Manchester, NH. Aside from my body’s reaction to the extreme temperature change, the alligator arms and the bleeding feeling I had in my lungs, the game went great.  I was so pumped to be LAXIN’. I am now counting down the days till the Cannon’s season kicks off!

Bucks room before he "let" his mom clean

I am jacked to say I am now a Bostonian!

Oh and any suggestions for a good date night restaurant? My lady is coming to town this weekend and I need to show off this city!

I’ll check back with you soon.



Kevin Buchanan is a regular contributor to the Boston Cannons Blog.  He writes about lacrosse, his recent move to Boston and anything else that is on his mind.  Kevin is entering his third season in MLL and first with the Boston Cannons.  He was acquired in January along with three draft picks in exchange for John Christmas, Mike Levin and Ray Megill.  His 175 points while at Ohio State ranks 2nd all-time.

When you see Buck around Boston don’t forget to holler, “What’s up Buck?!”

2010 MLL Mock Draft, Vol. 1

March 30, 2010

3 Duke Blue Devils go in the Top 10 in our first Mock Draft


This year’s draft class is very deep with many capable of making the transition from college to the pro’s immediately. Here’s how we see the first 5 rounds of action going down; check back at to read more in depth about all the players and check back each week for updates and insights on everything draft related.


 1. Chicago – Ned Crotty, A, Duke

Quinzani scores the goals but Crotty is the conductor of the Duke offense. His versatility and passing wizardry is too good to pass up at #1.

Massachusetts native Max Quinzani

2. Chesapeake – Max Quinzani, A, Duke

The Cannons will be disappointed to see local product Quinzani off the board here but his uncanny ability to find the back of the net fills a need for Chesapeake.

3. Boston – Curtis Dickson, A, Delaware

Currently 2nd in the nation in points-per-game, he is also 2nd to Max Quinzani in active men’s goal scoring for his career. If Quinzani is the trophy then the Cannons consider themselves lucky with such a great consolation prize.

Dickson is a serious match up problem and scoring threat

4. Long Island – Ken Clausen, D, Virginia

With the top 3 attackmen off the board Long Island picks for value and takes Clausen, the top defenseman. Clausen is a future super-star in the back, strong and fast, you don’t want to get hit by this guy.

5. Denver – Michael Kimmel, M, Johns Hopkins

Kimmel might just be the best passing midfielder in the country and the Outlaws would welcome him with opens arms. It is easy to envision Kimmel in the Outlaw offense that features 4 of the MLL’s top 15 scoring leaders.

6. Toronto – Cody Jamieson, A, Syracuse

Jamieson makes big plays in big games; he scored the game winner in OT in the National Championship last year.  He’s 5’9” and 213 lbs, he knows how to use his low center of gravity and deceptive speed to the fullest of his ability. The Canadian gets to stay close to home when Toronto picks him.


 7. Chicago – Scott Rodgers, G, Notre Dame

Chicago knows that Chesapeake who is without 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks, covets Rodgers with the 8th pick.  With goalie needs of their own, they preemptively select the top goalie in the country with this selection.

8. Chesapeake – Chris Madalon, G, North Carolina

Rodgers goes first because of his career and reputation, but Madalon has blown away the competition so far this year. No one has seen their draft stock rise as much as him. He is leading the nation in goals-against-average at a gaudy 6.15, which is almost 2 goals less than Rodgers.

 9. Toronto (from Boston) – Brian Carroll, M, Virginia

One of the most efficient shooters in the nation, Carroll brings a scoring punch to Toronto from the midfield position.

10. Denver (from Long Island) – Parker McKee, D, Duke

Kind of surprising to see McKee fall in to this spot and Denver is happy to take him. McKee is the clear #2 defender behind Clausen.

 11. Denver – Kyle Wimer, M, UMBC

Wimer gives the Outlaws yet another offensive weapon to pair with 1st rounder Kimmel, giving them two of the top midfielders in the entire draft.

Godoi (#18) is huge in front of the net

12. Boston (from Toronto) – Diogo Godoi, D, UMass

Godoi gives the Cannons some needed depth at D and inserts some youth into an aging defensive unit.


13. Chicago – Ryan Hurley, A, Cornell

At this point the Machine has sured up its goalie situation and added the premiere creator in Crotty at #1 overall. This is a good spot to take a scorer and Hurley, 6’3” and 7th in the nation in goals per game, fits the bill.

Steven Boyle (powder blue) shoots and scores against Syracuse

 14. Boston (from Chesapeake) – Steven Boyle, A, Johns Hopkins

So far they have filled a need at attack in the first round drafting Dickson and drafted for organizational depth in the second with Godoi. Boyle, a smallish but lightening quick attackman from Derry, NH fits perfectly into what Coach Daye envisions for his offense.

15. Toronto (from Boston) – Austin Winter, A, Bucknell

Not wanting to be left out as the draft experiences its second run on attackmen, Toronto tabs Winters (6th in country in assists per game) who’s unselfish style of play could help him see immediate playing time.

16. Long Island – Matt Tierney, D, Syracuse

Having given up their second round pick as part of a trade with Denver, Long Island looks to take the best available player with the 16th pick. That player is Tierney, built like an NFL linebacker, the anchor of perennial power Syracuses defense.

17. Denver – Trever Sipperly, FO Specialist, Notre Dame

Making their 4th pick of the draft already Denver has plenty of depth and uses this pick to improve their woeful faceoff that ranked last in the MLL last year.  Sipperly consistently outshines the tough competition as evidenced by his 58% FO win percentage.

18. Long Island (from Denver from Toronto) – Chris Boland, A, Johns Hopkins

His production has been down this year but he’s got the tools and a career worth of production that necessitate Long Island pull the trigger on him here. When you look back on this draft, Boland as the last pick in Round 3 could be the steal everyone talks about.


19. Chicago – James Green, M, Ohio State

Is Cahill heading home to play for the Cannons?

20. Boston (from Chesapeake) – Martin Cahill, M, Delaware

The local prospect (Malden) combines with Rabil to scare opposing defenses.

21. Boston – Andrew Brancaccio, M, Georgetown

Hard shot and size combo make him a good fit for the Cannons here. Surprised he’s still available, they don’t think twice about this one.

22. Long Island – Scott Kocis, M, Georgetown

23. Denver – Dillon Roy, D, Denver

24. Toronto – Ryan Nizolek, D, Virginia

Teammate of Clausen gets overshadowed but can make name for himself at next level. Toronto is getting a real quality defender here.


25. Chicago – Jason Duboe, M, Harvard

Mid West native goes home.

26. Toronto (from Chesapeake) – Scott Mackenzie, A, Princeton

Barney Ehrmann is a defensive giant

27. Boston – Barney Ehrmann, D, Georgetown

Ehrmann is a physical specimen at 6’6”, 230 lbs. Cannons gladly take him in Round 5.

28. Long Island – Justin Pennington, M, Rutgers

29. Denver – Brian Phipps, G, Maryland

Denver’s depth and solid draft already allows them to take Phipps who some say is the best goalie prospect in the country.

30. Toronto – Max Silberlicht, G, Hobart

The knock on Silberlicht is the competition he’s faced. As the last pick in Round 5 he’s worth the risk, could be a diamond in the rough.


These players are likely to get drafted in rounds 6-8 and could make an impact in MLL sooner rather than later.

(listed in no particular order)

Chris Daniello, A, Syracuse

He’s the leading scorer for #2 Cuse. He benefits from opposing defenses concentrating on linemate Jamieson. If he continues this level of play and impresses at the combine, he could make a case for as high as second round consideration.

Timmy Katz, M, Sacred Heart

Sean Delaney,  M, North Carolina

Ari Sussman, A, Dartmouth

Billy Geist, D, Harvard

Bobby Atwell, D, Maryland

Thomas Muldoon, A, Brown

Chris Hogan, M, Penn State

Craig Dowd, A, Georgetown

4th in nation in assists per game.

Rob Engelke, A, Princeton

Cooper Macdonnell, A, Loyola

Charley Dickenson, M, Denver

Sam Barnes, D, Notre Dame

Scott MacKenzie, A, Princeton

6’5” Montana native has stopped growing but his lacrosse skills are just beginning to fully develop.

Now tell us what you think in the Comments Section!

Boomer Stole the Show @ the C’s Game

March 29, 2010

Hi Cannons fans, its Boomer again!

I wanted to let everyone know about last night at the Celtics game.  It was Mascot Night and a lot of my mascot friends were there to celebrate with Lucky!  We threw out t-shirts to the crowd, dropped parachute prizes from the Garden rafters, and assisted with some on-court contests.

The best part was in-between the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Lucky normally does his dunk show and this time he included the mascots.  For his final dunk he jumped over all the mascots.  When we were deciding how to set it up, Lucky asked for a mascot to hold the ball for him to grab as he jumped over us.  Yours truly stepped up to the plate and told lucky I could hold the ball at the end of my cannon barrel.

So with a packed house in the Garden, I stood on the famous parquet floor with a basketball on top of my head.  Lucky came running down the court, jumped on the trampoline, grabbed the ball, did a flip in mid-air, and dunked the ball!  The crowed went crazy as we all celebrated the dunk!

What a night!  The downer was the scoreboard as the Celtics took a beating from the Spurs.

My new friend Lucky has agreed to come to a Cannons game this summer for us!  so keep an eye out for details on which game you can come and see Lucky and my mascot friends at.



March 29, 2010

The Cannons Dance Team Director/Choreographer Karen Bagley checked in with us over the weekend.  They will be blogging about their preparations for the upcoming season, special events they are attending and more….


March 2010

Karen, Dance Team Director/Choreographer

Springtime can be very hectic … it sure is for the Cannons Dance Team! Most of us work full time jobs, as teachers, waitresses, students, and corporate professionals. For me personally, my ‘day job’ has me traveling across the country ,making practices and promotions even more challenge to schedule and attend. But one of things I love best about this dance team is that we are all real people who love to dance. We make it work because it’s important to us and we love it.  Without this dedication and commitment we would not be the successful team we are!  Stong captains, like Lauren and Ashley, and a teamwork attitude from everyone gives me confidence even if I’m away.

Things won’t be slowing down for us anytime soon! Although we wrapped up our photo shoot with our amazing photographer Allie Burke ( we have just seven practices before we kickoff the 2010 season. We’ll be preparing all new field routines, perfecting our sidelines and bringing the rookies up to speed on everything game-day. We even have a few new surprises in store for our fans.

Stay tuned for all the latest inside the dance team info here, on our site ( and on facebook (

Go Cannons!


Boomer Trying Out For the Celtics?!

March 27, 2010

Hi everyone, its your favorite mascot….BOOMER!!!

Just like the players, I am getting ready for the start of the season (May 15th).  To do this, I am getting together with some of my mascot friends for a  little workout.

I am going to be on the parque floor at the TD Garden Sunday Night for the Celtics vs. Spurs Game!  While I think I could help the Celtics in their playoff run, I am joining Lucky for the the Celtics Mass-cots Night.  Cheer me on if you are going to the game as I perform with other local mascots.