Former Wellesley and Middlebury star and current Boston Cannon Mike Stone stopped by yesterday and dished about his background in the first installment of his blog that will focus on what he’s doing to prepare to make the team this year.

From Mike…

Good day Cannons fans. Welcome to entry 1 of my weekly blog series chronicling my preparation for the upcoming training camp and my experience growing up in the Boston area. First off I’ll tell you a little about who I am and where I come from and later we can get into more of the training and preseason preparation.

I grew up in Wellesley, Mass. and started playing lacrosse in 5th grade when our town developed a youth program. My family has a strong lacrosse history so I eagerly jumped on board and was very involved from the opening day. I went on to play at Wellesley high school for a great coach, Chris Gelinas, who turned our program around and really helped develop us as players. After Wellesley I went to Middlebury College where we had a very successful team and I got to play with some great players. Following college I was drafted in the 6th round by the Boston Blazers of the NLL and we are currently 6-5 hoping to make a playoff run. Finally, this past fall I was selected in the 9th round by the Cannons and I’m looking forward to training camp and getting back to playing some field lacrosse.

That’s the quick run-down of how I got to this point. In upcoming entries I’ll update you on my preparation for the upcoming season. If you have any questions for me or want more information please contact me and I will be happy to help out.

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4 Comments on “STONE COLD”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Can you post the schedule of games? Looking forward to watching you play again.

  2. Emily Says:

    Can’t wait to hear more… and see you on the field!! Go Michael go.

  3. M-fan Says:

    Can’t wait to hear more of the progress from participating in a previously low-level high school program to be playing professional lax. Testament to hard work, great coaching, great opportunities. Inspirational! It’ll ge great to see you and the team in action soon!

  4. lee Says:

    Welcome home. After playing in door
    I am sure the goal will look big in the
    Field game. How are you planning to prepare for the
    Outdoor game and a shot clock?

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