Boomer Stole the Show @ the C’s Game

Hi Cannons fans, its Boomer again!

I wanted to let everyone know about last night at the Celtics game.  It was Mascot Night and a lot of my mascot friends were there to celebrate with Lucky!  We threw out t-shirts to the crowd, dropped parachute prizes from the Garden rafters, and assisted with some on-court contests.

The best part was in-between the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Lucky normally does his dunk show and this time he included the mascots.  For his final dunk he jumped over all the mascots.  When we were deciding how to set it up, Lucky asked for a mascot to hold the ball for him to grab as he jumped over us.  Yours truly stepped up to the plate and told lucky I could hold the ball at the end of my cannon barrel.

So with a packed house in the Garden, I stood on the famous parquet floor with a basketball on top of my head.  Lucky came running down the court, jumped on the trampoline, grabbed the ball, did a flip in mid-air, and dunked the ball!  The crowed went crazy as we all celebrated the dunk!

What a night!  The downer was the scoreboard as the Celtics took a beating from the Spurs.

My new friend Lucky has agreed to come to a Cannons game this summer for us!  so keep an eye out for details on which game you can come and see Lucky and my mascot friends at.


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One Comment on “Boomer Stole the Show @ the C’s Game”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    i’d love to see a fight to the death between the mascots, i think Boomer would clean house, wipe that smirk off blazes face!

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