The Cannons Dance Team Director/Choreographer Karen Bagley checked in with us over the weekend.  They will be blogging about their preparations for the upcoming season, special events they are attending and more….


March 2010

Karen, Dance Team Director/Choreographer

Springtime can be very hectic … it sure is for the Cannons Dance Team! Most of us work full time jobs, as teachers, waitresses, students, and corporate professionals. For me personally, my ‘day job’ has me traveling across the country ,making practices and promotions even more challenge to schedule and attend. But one of things I love best about this dance team is that we are all real people who love to dance. We make it work because it’s important to us and we love it.  Without this dedication and commitment we would not be the successful team we are!  Stong captains, like Lauren and Ashley, and a teamwork attitude from everyone gives me confidence even if I’m away.

Things won’t be slowing down for us anytime soon! Although we wrapped up our photo shoot with our amazing photographer Allie Burke ( we have just seven practices before we kickoff the 2010 season. We’ll be preparing all new field routines, perfecting our sidelines and bringing the rookies up to speed on everything game-day. We even have a few new surprises in store for our fans.

Stay tuned for all the latest inside the dance team info here, on our site ( and on facebook (

Go Cannons!


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  1. KB Says:

    check out dem hotties!

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    I got a dance I’d like to teach them…

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