Buck drove hillbilly style to get a good nights sleep


Do you know how sketchy it is to drive 30 minutes with a full sized mattress loosely attached to the roof of your car? Well, I found out the answer to that question this weekend, turns out it is pretty sketchy, yep, I was “that guy,” driving 40 mph on I-93. HA! What else was I to do? I was alone in Boston and in desperate need of a bed after a red eye flight from LA.

The flight turned out to be pretty good. I have been traveling a ton this past year and this was my first direct flight across country in a long time. I wonder how much time in the past year I have wasted sitting at layovers?(random thought)  Anyway, I usually try to catch some sleep on these across country flights, but this time the anticipation of the move kept me wide awake. Good thing I flew jet blue and could watch……

After a weekend here in Boston, the adrenaline is starting to wear off and the jet leg is kicking in. I did accomplish a good amount this past weekend. I picked up my new ride, and along with that I got an easy pass. It’s my first easy pass, I’m pumped! Little things in life excite me, if you haven’t noticed. I also bought a dresser, got a desk from my uncle, spent time with my parents who were in town, let my mother clean my room (yes let her) then moved all my stuff in, and I even played a pick-up game of lax up in Manchester, NH. Aside from my body’s reaction to the extreme temperature change, the alligator arms and the bleeding feeling I had in my lungs, the game went great.  I was so pumped to be LAXIN’. I am now counting down the days till the Cannon’s season kicks off!

Bucks room before he "let" his mom clean

I am jacked to say I am now a Bostonian!

Oh and any suggestions for a good date night restaurant? My lady is coming to town this weekend and I need to show off this city!

I’ll check back with you soon.



Kevin Buchanan is a regular contributor to the Boston Cannons Blog.  He writes about lacrosse, his recent move to Boston and anything else that is on his mind.  Kevin is entering his third season in MLL and first with the Boston Cannons.  He was acquired in January along with three draft picks in exchange for John Christmas, Mike Levin and Ray Megill.  His 175 points while at Ohio State ranks 2nd all-time.

When you see Buck around Boston don’t forget to holler, “What’s up Buck?!”

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5 Comments on “WHAT UP BUCK?”

  1. The Big Gong Says:

    What up Buck..Try PF Chang’s…Always a great choice!!

  2. MC Says:

    Yo Kev, Do you need me to wake you up everyday?? like everyday for practice for 3 year at OSU. haha. good luck in Boston

  3. Bagwell Says:

    Is it true that your college roommate Sean Minogue still strings all of your wands? I also heard you suffered a minor concussion from a can of play-dough that was thrown at your head after a game of Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest….any truth to this?

  4. RD Says:

    Buck, Take her to McCormick & Schmick’s. Great seafood, right in Faneuil Hall. A great Boston spot! -RD

  5. Ripping G's in Ecko T's Says:

    Jet leg? More like jet lag you MIAA educated boner

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