Last week I told you all a little about myself and how I got to be a part of the Cannons. This week I’ll let you all know a bit about my training regiment and my bicep curl abilities.

Playing for the Boston Blazers (NLL)has been helpful in keeping me in shape and with a stick in my hand. I’ve been lifting with the guys on the team a couple days a week at CrossFit Boston with my boy Neil who guides us through some pretty intense workouts.

This is what Mike could look like by training camp

I’m not usually one to lift many weights so its good for me to be part of a training program with a trainer. Otherwise you can usually find me at the gym taking long breaks and distracting others from their workouts. My feeling is that the presence of the gym makes you stronger not necessarily the actual weight lifting. However, I am trying to get bigger and stronger going into training camp so I’ve abandoned my old ways and am crushing the gym.

One of Mike's mini lax opponents

Outside of the gym I’ve been meeting up with Matt Smalley (Fellow Cannon) a couple times a week to shoot on Bruce Bickford (Cannons Goalie) in Rhode Island. We’re all recently drafted and want to make sure we get the rust off before getting to training camp. Back home there is pretty much a constant
game of mini lacrosse at the Blazers team house in Boston and with my steady improvement I am poised to take down House Champion Matt Lyons in the near future.

That’s all this week, I hope all you Cannons fans are getting as excited for the upcoming season as I am. 

Mike is a Wellesley, MA native and regular contributor to the Cannons Blog. He starred at Middlebury College where he was a 3 time USILA All-American including twice earning First Team honors. He scored 57 goals in his senior season, the second most goals in a single season in Middlebury history. Mike is training to make the Cannons roster this year.

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One Comment on “STONE COLD BLOG”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    Stoner- whats mini lax? whats the most memorable lax moment in your life?

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