April 2010

Well, auditions have passed, our photo shoot is done, promotions are underway, uniforms are in and practices are in full swing. Is it May 15th yet? If you can’t tell I am anxious and ready for the Cannons home opener, but we are still over a month out before that happens!

My experience as a first year Boston Cannons Dancer has been superb thus far. Auditions were a lot of fun, mainly because the veteran dancers, captains and director were all so welcoming, professional and well-organized. They made the experience run so smoothly and made us all feel as comfortable as we possibly could!

Then before we knew it, it was time for our photo shoot, which was A BLAST!!! Allie, the photographer was fantastic and our make-up artist was a miracle worker! Thanks to my hair-stylists/teammates, Laura aka “the big tease” and Kathleen, a fellow rookie, I was very pleased with my beauty pageant perfect hair-do. This year, our director, Karen, decided to do something different and gave each of us an opportunity to do action shots. All the girls were so helpful giving each other suggestions on what action shot would look best and coming up with ideas of some crazy moves. Thanks to Ashley for suggesting I do a c-jump, which basically means you make a C with your body in the air, reaching your head back to your toes. It came out awesome! And thanks to whoever suggested I try a stall, which is sort of like a break dancing move where you balance on one hand and your legs are up over your head. I LOVE how my photos came out, which NEVER happens, and the all of the other girls look great in theirs too. I guess it doesn’t hurt that they are all absolutely gorgeous with incredible dancer bodies!

Onto practice we go! Between sidelines, drills and learning choreography, practices are pretty jam packed. Last night we got our line assignments, which was very exciting for me since I’ve never danced on the sidelines before. We also placed our first field dance and finished learning the choreography for it. It is fast-paced and very physical so naturally I love it, since I come from a stylized-jazz background.

Not only are the captains, Ashley and Lauren and the director, Karen, all wonderful, the girls on the team are phenomenal as well. Each and every girl comes from a different background but all shares a love for dance and excitement for being on the team. We all have so much fun together that I cannot wait for Tuesday practices. It is the perfect stress reliever after a busy day at work. But don’t get me wrong, we work hard and we sweat just as much as any sports team out there. We are the real thing!

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  1. Irish Mike Says:

    Helloooo Angela!

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