Beantown, What up What up?! 
I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and the wonderful weather!
I had a pretty awesome weekend. My girlfriend came to town Thursday night and I wined and dined her, and by wine and dine I am talking about Boston lagers (my new favorite) and Clam Ch”ah”der. I had a Lobster cake and it was moneyyyyy BUT, I must tell you, nothing can beat a Baltimore crab cake! I might have to open a little joint here in Boston.

we'll take lobstah and chowdah over crab any day!

I got a few essentials this past weekend; bedspread, lamp, groceries (at Trader Joes – I love that place), and new work shoes with NIKE AIR in them (they are so comfortable, I wonder if I could wear them laxin’ – maybe start a new trend?)!

"kite surfing is not beat"~Buck

By Saturday it was really warming up and there were a lot of porch parties, walkers, bikers, and even kite surfers in my neighborhood. I needed to explore, so I tested out my skateboard out around Castle Island. I was extremely distracted by the kite surfers. At first I thought it was a pretty weak. It just looked like they were getting yanked around by a kite, until I saw one dude getting some serious air and doing some wicked tricks. I stand corrected, kite surfing is not beat. Now I definitely want to try it.

good thing Bucks better at lax than hunting for Easter eggs!

Sunday I spent my first holiday in Boston. I went to my aunt and uncles place in Concord for dinner and an Easter egg hunt, which I struggled with. Concord’s awesome, the history is unreal. I would have been a pretty legit Minute Man. HA!


Two weeks till training camp people!!!! I just joined a gym….. It’s go time!



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2 Comments on “WHAT UP BUCK?!”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    WHAT UP BUCK?! where’d you go to eat? I was waiting at PF Changs for you!

  2. The Big Gong Says:

    What Up Buck…everyone know that Maryland Crab Cakes don’t hold a candle to New England seafood…little necks, steamers, shrimp, oysters…its all better up here in the cooler climate, leave the MD crap alone and come on over to the good side

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