Behind The Cannons…Marathon Mark

Chronicles of Cannons  Vice President and GM Mark Kastrud as he trains to run the Boston Marathon on April 19th! 


10 Days Until the Marathon

 The countdown begins. 

 10 days of smart eating, sleeping, and hydrating…but oddly not much running.  The schedule calls for a tapering of running distance during the last 2 weeks and it’s a strange thing to execute.  This week I had a 5 mile and a 4 mile run scheduled.  Next week I have a 3 and a 2 mile run…and I’m looking to run more. 

Halfway through a scheduled 7 mile run, I have found myself thinking that I should do more…bang out a few more for an even 10, since I’m feeling pretty good at the 6 mile mark.  And then reason kicks in.  First, I have to admit that the schedule knows more about running than I do and I’m probably not going to improve my race prospects at this point.  Second, I’ve heard many times in the past few months to resist the urge to add on to runs during the taper.  Naturally, this advice has not really registered as I have been confident in my inability to generate an urge to run more!  But it happens.   

It comes back to the odd shift in psychology that has slowly taken place over the past few months… I’ve gone from hating running to getting so wrapped up in it that it starts to masquerade as enjoyable.  I’m at the point where the plan says to stop and I’m arguing to run farther.  I finish a scheduled 4 mile run and it hardly feels worth the effort of putting my shoes on and getting out the door.  Odd, indeed!

But alas, I’m sticking to the plan.  For running, that is.  The diet is another story…maybe one for tomorrow.   


“Mostly Sunny, 40 – 54 degrees, 0” rain”

Perfect running weather.

I have raised $3,275 toward my goal of $5,000.  Click above to help the fight against Liver Disease. 

Mark plans on taking the lead early so not to get caught up in the big crowd of runners!


9 Days, April 10th

Big college hockey game tonight.  Lacrosse is definitely my favorite sport to watch, but college hockey is a close second.  Admittedly, I’m a late comer to the college hockey scene.  Growing up in rural New Jersey, there was not much hockey to be played and less to watch on TV.  But my move to Boston in the mid-90s coincided with Jerry York’s hiring as the coach at Boston College…the same Jerry York that my wife calls Uncle Jerry.  I became a fan because of the family ties and now I’m hooked.  BC plays for the National Championship tonight against Wisconsin and I’m fired up to watch this game. 

Getting into the hype for any Championship game is what being a fan is all about and there are a few things that go hand in hand with watching a big-time, hyped-up game…bad food and cold beverages.  Typical Superbowl fare doesn’t really fit with the 10-day marathon eating plan, but I’m calling a time out on training tonight. 

I told myself (and promised my wife) when I started running last fall that I would not go crazy with the diet or stop enjoying a few drinks every now and then.  After all, if I ate nothing but healthy food and swore off drinking, there wouldn’t be much need to run would there?  I run so that I can indulge in life’s guilty pleasures once in a while.  And tonight is one of those “once in a whiles.”

So join me in watching the college hockey National Championship game tonight…and feel free to hoist a few.  It’s 5:40am on Saturday and I’m heading out for 8 miles.  Cheers!

I have raised $3,275 toward my goal of $5,000.  Click above to help the fight against Liver Disease.

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