Marathon Mark – 6 Days till 26.2 miles

Boston Cannons VP & General Manager Mark Kastrud is running the Boston marathon on April 19th.  Another entry from him as he prepares for the big race…

(Tuesday, April 13th)

Is Mark's goal to cross the finish line first?

6 Days


“Cloudy, a shower, 39-58 degrees” 

I have a number of goals in this my first marathon attempt.  Yesterday, these goals were very personal, but coming up with material about running is harder than you might think.  Marathon Blog Post 1: I ran today.  Marathon Blog Post 2: I ran a lot today.  And so on.  It’s running, after all, the most basic of all exercise… “apparently you just run.”  See Anchorman if you don’t get that…and until you do see Anchorman don’t read anymore, kindly leave.  (Wedding Crashers, same deal…go watch it, Hillbilly). 

So, on to the goals.  The first, obviously, is to finish.  But this is a little like the Bruins this weekend saying they don’t care which team they face in the first round (the team you’re 5-1 against or one of the 2 teams that has owned you this year).  Of course, I’d like to finish, but you can’t put in 5 months of training and have that remain your loftiest goal. 

I’d like to break 4 hours.  4 hours seems to be the benchmark for a “successful marathon” by a recreational runner.  So that’s goal #2, to be under 4 hours which is about a 9 minute per mile pace.  Im hoping that if I do come in at 3 hours 50 minutes, that my first reaction is not disappointment that I didn’t achieve my #3 goal.  After all, I’ve never done this before and I should be happy to finish the race and proud to do so in a respectable sub-4 hour time. 

BUT, having run many shorter distances at faster paces over the past few months, my perspective on goals has changed.  I ran the 21 mile training run from the start line in Hopkinton to Boston College (home of the 2010 hockey National Champions!) in 7 minute 55 second pace.  I’m not sure I can keep that up for another 5 miles, but that’s goal #3…to finish in 8 minute per mile pace, or about 3 hours and 28 minutes.

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  1. Hi, I noticed you were quoting the forecast for the Boston Marathon. We now have a more expansive news story which we will keep updated with the details and possibilities.

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