Marathon Mark — 7 Days till 26.2 miles

(Monday, April 12th)

If Lance Armstrong can run the Boston Marathon, So can Marathon Mark!

7 Days


“Cloudy, a shower, 39-58 degrees” 

From 3 days ago, the high temp is getting higher and the low temp is getting lower.  That is some classic weatherman sandbagging.  It’s New England in April, I guess, and we really have no idea what the weather will hold.  Nor is there anything we can do about it, so in true sports cliché form, we ought not worry about what we can’t control.  What the mind believes, the body achieves.   You can’t just throw the jerseys out there on the field.  We have to get off the bus loaded.  Those are some keenly insightful gems from former coaches of mine…the last of which was grossly misinterpreted in college and frankly didn’t help us much at all. 

If I could order it up, temps would be low 40s, some clouds, no wind, no rain.  Too much to ask?   We’ll see. 

Our Marathon Coach (as a member of the Liver Team, I have a running coach) recently offered another gem…  “If the temp gets above 65, simply run to finish.  Forget about a personal record time and sign up for another marathon a month after Boston.”  I was on board, leading the slow clap until the last part about another one a month later.  That’s just ridiculous.  But the first part is good. 

Running to finish is really what I’m doing anyway, in any conditions.  I have a carefully laid plan to cross the finish line in decent shape.  I have goal times as well, but I’m keeping those between me and my Garmin watch.

I have raised $3,400 toward my goal of $5,000.  Click above to help the fight against Liver Disease.

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