You wouldn’t believe how swollen I am from the gym. The guys who are getting ready for beach season are really keeping me motivated.  Bring on the Outlaws!!!!!

Castle Island was protected by Cannons, now Buck Buchanan, a Cannon, enjoys casual strolls there

The Swarm was in town this weekend to play the Boston Blazers. My buddy Dan and I hit up the game. It was odd being on the other side of the game, I did want to jump in there most times, but it was also fun getting the perspective of a fan. The box games are legit and I am not just saying that because I am in the league!

 I was pump to spend some time with my buddy Funk Doc-tar (Josh Funk), who’s on the Swarm and a past Buckeye teammate and roommate. We tuned in to the Notre Dame/ GTown game for a while and then we got some grub at the Playwright in Southie.

Buck has his eye on a Chesapeake Retriever, what kind of pup do you think Buck should get?

Random thought, I think I want to get a pup sometime soon.  I  likin’ the Chesapeake retrievers, Little flavor of home. And I think he’d love the water down here at Castle Island.



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One Comment on “WHAT UP BUCK???!”

  1. jsauce Says:

    golden retriever….fo shorrrre.

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