Marathon Mark — 2 Days to go!

Mark Kastrud, VP and General Manager of the Boston Cannons, is running the Marathon on Monday.  He has shared is journey of preparing with us over the weeks.  His latest entry just 2 days before race day…..GOOD LUCK MARK!

2 Days

26.2 miles, you need the right shoes!


“Times of clouds and sun, 42-59 degrees” 

I’m a beginner at this whole running thing.  Part of being a beginner is learning and I have learned a lot throughout this process.  I’ve learned that a lot of people battle liver disease during their lives.  I’ve learned a lot about fitness and diet and how each affects the other.  I’ve also learned some crazy things from the running community about preparing for a race.

Education come from many sources.  I have knit together my quilt of running knowledge from some serious sources, such as the Liver Team’s official race preparation tips and clinics with BAA officials, and some not so serious sources like The Runner’s Rule Book, a great read that I got from my buddy Jim Mackenzie at New Balance, and anecdotes from all sorts of people who have run in the past.

Some of these gems are too good to keep in the shadows of the running community.  With credits to Mark Remy, author of The Runner’s Rule Book (which you should buy if you’re ever laced up a pair of running shoes), and everyone else along the way who has offered me words of wisdom…enjoy. 

  1.  If you have to ask yourself “are these shorts too short?”  The answer is yes.  I love this one…I’m all for comfort over style especially if you’re running 26 miles, but modesty has to prevail over both. 

Will Mark be sporting the vintage 80's short shorts?!

2.  Corollary to the above.  If the shorts have a liner, underwear is redundant.  No, no, no!  This is where is break with the running community.  Runners stretch and pull their legs in odd directions before and after running…in group settings…underwear helps avoid any uncomfortable non-glances.  Really.  Why wouldn’t you? 

3.   Don’t ask a stranger to borrow their body lube at the start line.  Obv. 

4.  At some point during your training, you must watch Prefontaine (the Jared Leto one).  For me, this is on the short list of inspirational sports movies.  It’s not Hoosiers, but it’s really good. 

the short shorts worked for Prefontaine

5.  A sock makes better TP than a leaf does.  It’s interesting how bodily functions otherwise taboo come                     conversation pieces when you’re 10 miles from home on a long run.  I’ve had more discussions about this particular rule in the last 6 months than I have had in the 22 years since I stopped being 15. 

6. When talking about your running to non-runners, refrain from using the adjective “easy.”  “I did an easy 12 miles” is obnoxious to those who have never. 

7.  Learn and love the Farmers Blow.  In a race or group run, aim is critical. 

8.  Two types of runners raise their arms in triumph at the finish line: the runner who just won the race , and any runner who wasn’t even close to winning.  I can’t wait!

 I have raised $3,475 toward my goal of $5,000.  Click above to help the fight against Liver Disease. 

Its not how you start, but how you finish, well, if you can finish on your feet

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