Daye Time

Boston Cannons Head Coach Bill Daye-

Well, this is it….the week of training camp is finally here as we get the 2010 season underway this Saturday at Harvard.  The time off was great but I can’t wait to get back to work and start this journey together as a team.  Saturday is always a great day, the season ticket holders come in for a catered lunch by our sponsors and meet the all of the players on the roster in for camp.  I always look forward to mingling with the season ticket holders; shaking hands, taking pictures and saying thank you for all of their support.

Saturday is a big day for the players trying to make the 23 man active roster as practice will begin with a series of conditioning tests.  This is a great indication of where players are with their conditioning and will be something the coaching staff pays close attention to.  With only three weekends of training camp we don’t have the time to get player’s in shape, we expect them to come into camp ready to go and we’ll have a good idea of this right from the start.   There’s a lot of competition at the midfield this year, this was one of our goals coming into camp.  We identified we needed to be stronger and deeper at this position for 2010 and that shows by the number of midis we’ve brought into camp.  We’re looking for players who can play both ends of the field, the more versatile the player the better. 

The main goal for training camp is to find the best 23 players that we can.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the 23 most talented lacrosse players but the most athletic, skilled players that fit into the roles the coaching staff identifies. This league is filled with great players but the players that can adapt to the specific roles or positions teams are looking for have the best chance to succeed and make the team.   I look forward to seeing you out there, make sure you stop by and say hello.  2010 is here, time to go to work.

Coach Bill Daye is entering his 5th season as head coach of the Boston Cannons. He has also been a player and assistant coach for the Cannons, including an All-Star appearance and being named Cannons MVP in the 2001 season.

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