Marathon Mark

Mary inspired Mark during the marathon

Look at that cutie! 

 Mary is a beautiful and courageous 7 year old girl who has been fighting hepatoblastoma, a rare childhood liver cancer, since she was 3.  Mary has endured over 12 different chemotherapy regimens and continues to fight her battle through clinical trials hoping for a cure.

 Mary’s mom is a friend of my wife.  I don’t know Mary, but as Jon Gruden put it, “that’s irrelative.”  It doesn’t matter that I’ve never met her, what matters is that Mary is fighting a battle that no 7 year old should have to fight. 

 It’s been pretty easy for me to get caught up in the training for this marathon and become self-absorbed in my goals of finishing and running well.   And while those things are important to me, Im grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a much more important goal. 

 I didn’t start my training in honor of a friend or family member who was sick or had battled cancer.  Of those that are inspired to run in honor of another Im truly impressed.  My inspiration was selfish at the outset, but has evolved along the way to something more important than my bucket list.  All it takes is a glance at Mary to understand that the BAA charity program is an incredible devotion of passion by hundreds of regular folks who are doing their small part to contribute to a much bigger goal. 

 Our Liver Team has a goal of raising $1.3 million for liver disease research.  $1.3 million from the generous donations of more regular folks who are not so inclined to run, but are moved to help.  It’s awesome. 

 I’ve never met Mary, but she helped me on the course Monday.  I thought of her battle, her strength, her courage…and it helped keep my challenges in perspective. 

 Help Mary and the millions of kids like her who inspire us all to do good.   Click below to donate to the Run for Research campaign to fight liver disease.  Thanks.

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