Mikes haircut says business but he’s still a goof ball

I got a buzz cut a couple weeks ago and since then things have changed for me. The trim must have brought out my inner animal since I feel like I’ve been getting a lot more respect on the street after losing the flow.

The truth is that I buzzed my head for a breast cancer awareness game for the Boston Blazers so I can’t claim to be as cool as my haircut, but I’m liking the results. I feel like I’ve gone from being the goofy guy bearing the brunt of jokes to a machine who nobody feels comfortable talking to without checking their every word.

It has definitely added to my authority with the Wellesley High School lacrosse team that I have been helping coach and my shooting percentage with the goalies has skyrocketed. As much as I’d like to claim the change in attitude on the intense gym work that I’ve been putting in and like to talk so much about, I really can’t deny the blatant effect of my new ‘doo.

Is the high and tight right for Mike?

The biggest downside to the high-and-tight is that it either took away my entire sense of humor or people just don’t expect anything other than war strategy and warrior screams to come out of my mouth. Not that I’m the funniest guy around but my day to day conversations are usually not this awkward.

Anyway, I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of my current situation so if you see me on the street feel free to offer your opinion. You just might want to run and hide if it isn’t positive.

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