What up Buck???

Buck hasn't learned to keep his non-Boston rooting interests to himself, but we'll give him a free pass just this once


FINALLY….Cannon Camp is in the WORKS! It’s about time. I am running out of things to do to keep myself entertained. And that doesn’t help me to keep my blog going strong… seriously who wants to hear about how long I played fetch with my landlord’s dog? Well I must admit the NHL playoffs are keeping me quite entertained. This past Friday I watched my Caps get dominated by Montreal but my #2 team, the Sabres, are hanging in there and becoming quite an annoyance to my new city. Sorry Boston gotta root for my lady’s hometown team. 

Players signed everything and anything during Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day

Anyways, back to camp. I woke up Sat morning with the birds chirping, sun shining and visions of lax sticks danced in my head. First day of camp started off with a little season’s ticket holder function, where we got to mingle with the fans and sign some autographs. The coaches pumped the players and the fans up for our upcoming season. We then checked out the Harvard/Princeton game, and Harvard dominated the very talented Princeton team. At the game I ran into some old Buckeye teammates of mine, Pataki and Drake.

The players were put through the rigors BEFORE a scrimmage

After the game it was time to DO WORK. Catz strength and conditioning moved in to kick our butts in to shape. I am not gonna lie, I’m disappointed on some of the times, but now I can re-asses my goals. I guess the meat heads at GOLD gym didn’t turn out to be the greatest motivators. All look no skill. Haha just kidding. Anyways, we followed up conditioning with a solid scrimmage against a local club team. All and all the scrimmage was a great first go. Definitely showed us where our strengths lie and what we need to be focusing on the rest of camp. 

Yankee as in true American Patriots, not the baseball kind

So, I reflected on first day of camp over at my new joint, Yankee Lobster in Southe. Grabbed myself a Lobster Roll which was BANG BANG! I crushed it in a heartbeat.. 

Day 2 of camp brought some more strength and conditioning, scrimmage and preparation for next week to take on the Long Island Lizzy’s in a scrimmage.

Until next time Boston fans, 


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6 Comments on “What up Buck???”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love your blogs, but I really wish you had someone proof read your work. There are a ton of spelling mistakes. It’s Reassess not re-asses. Though the “asses my goals” could be deemed as something ‘he said’ and made me laugh, it’s probably not a good thing in the same blog to shout out where you went to college.

  2. Shtikl Says:

    Glad to see another Buffaslugs fan 🙂 Thanks for the posts!

  3. Irish Mike Says:

    Since when is this a spelling bee? The guy types the way he talks, I find it refreshing. If you want proper grammar don’t look for it in a blog, he’s not a journalist.

    Keep it up Buck was great meeting you at season ticket holder day.

  4. sauce Says:

    I’m with you Irish Mike. It is nice that he spends the time keeping us fans updated, there is no need to criticize grammar…it’s a blog! Keep it up BUCK. I can’t wait to hear about the Cannon’s showing against the “Lizzys!”


  5. The Big Gong Says:

    how sweet it was to watch the sabres get ushered out of the playoffs by the big bad bruins…don’t look now buck but it might be time for you say goodbye to ovi and company too…so sad

  6. Bro Says:

    Julie, shut up. Go Caps and keep up the sweet blogs Buck Nasty.

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