Cannons Idol’s

This years group of Cannons is sure to inspire many young kids to grow up with the dream of playing professional lacrosse. During training camp we asked the guys who inspired THEM growing up…

Chris Ajemian – Kobe Bryant (Really Chris? Kobe? Really?)

Kevin Buchanan – Cal Ripken

Matt Casey – Michael Jordan

Jeff Colburn – Dan Marino

Brian Danvers – Pierre Turgeon

Chris Eck – Michael Jordan

James Guay – Mario Lemieux

Jon Hayes – Cam Neely

Ryan Heath – Stefan Richie

Mike McDonald – Michael Jordan

Matt Messina – Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky hoisting the cup as an Oiler

J.R. Oreskovich – Michael Jordan

Garrett Pedley – Mike Ditka and Troy Aikman

Who ya got in a fight, Ditka or a hurricane?

Joshua Porcell – Deion Sanders

Matt Smalley – Bobby Orr (RI native knows who to worship)

#4 Bobby Orr flying through the air

Brandon Spillett – Casey Powell

Mike Stone – Wayne Gretzky (Mike, you’re from Wellesley, no Bird, Neeley?)

Joe Thon – Walter Payton


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3 Comments on “Cannons Idol’s”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    Big Bill the Spaceman Lee fan when I was a kid. that guy was nuts!

  2. The Big Gong Says:

    Stoner…what gives…you chose the great one ove any local guy…you are dead to me man…all those fun times we had just went right out the window i say boo to you sir

  3. The Big Gong Says:

    on a more heroic note i was always a ted williams fan

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