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Clip of the Day

May 28, 2010

The Cannons suffered their first loss of the season last night against the Long Island Lizards 13-11, and it really was never that close. The Cannons have to be dissapointed with their effort as they are clearly the better team on paper. Alas, that is the life of a road game in the MLL; anything can happen.

The Cannons have to forget about last night and move on. On the blog, instead of moving on, we’re going to look further back and check out the highlights from last weeks Win against the Machine.


NCAA Men’s Lax Tournament Draft Watch

May 27, 2010

With all eyes on those playing in this weekends Final 4, players have a chance to rise...or fall in the MLL Draft

The MLL Collegiate Draft is June 6th. Many collegians will be invited for interviews by all the MLL teams and to play Team USA in a scrimmage, giving talent evaluators a chance to see them against some of the Worlds best.  For many that will be the last chance to impress GM’s and coaches, for the lucky few who have advanced to the NCAA Final 4, this weekend is a great chance in a pressure situation to show everyone what they got. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key seniors on each team that MLL decision makers and you should keep an eye out for… 

Notre Dame 


Focus on the Notre Dame goalie, Scott Rodgers. He’s top 10 in the nation in goals allowed per game and save percentage. He’s displayed a fiery leadership that makes it almost impossible NOT to notice him. Notre Dame didn’t deserve to be in the tournament, according to ME, but they’ve made the most of their opportunity, thanks to Rodgers. 

Rodgers gave up just 5 goals to Princeton and 5 goals to Maryland. Notre Dame is on the Rodgers Ride, hot goaltending makes all the difference, if the Rodgers Ride proves to be an express, they could win it all. 

Rodgers has positioned himself as the top goalie in the draft, will he show enough this weekend to pressure a team to take him in the first round? 



The Cavaliers backfield tandem of Ken Clausen and Ryan Nizolek has been the best defensive pairing in the country. These guys do it all. Clausen is touted a little more, considered a solid first round pick, while Nizolek has done almost as much in his shadow. 

The Cavaliers are led by mostly underclassmen, a good sign for their future, but their present is on the shoulders of these two defenseman, who need to be at their best for UVA to have a chance of winning it all. 

UVA has been the top team in the country all year, but they’re battling off-field adversity, it will be a theme of the weekend that you wont be able to escape, and it is worth keeping an eye on. 

Oh, and don’t forget Brian Carroll, midfielder, who is fourth on the Cavaliers in points. The Maryland native will be playing in front of his home crowd and is fighting for a spot likely in the third-fifth round range. 



I honestly haven’t seen much of the Big Red this season so I’ll defer to their web-site…these are the two to watch for… 

Ryan Hurley 

One of the best offensive players to ever wear a Cornell uniform, Hurley earns his third consecutive honorable mention All-American selection after leading the Big Red with 45 goals and ranking second on the team with 57 points. He currently ranks ninth in the nation in goals per game (2.65) and he is riding a 49-game point-scoring streak, the longest on the team and the third-longest in the nation. Hurley recently moved into second place in Cornell history for career goals (138) and ranks third overall in career points (176). He is also just the second player in Cornell history to score 40 goals in three-straight seasons, joining Mike French ’76. 

Pierce Derkac 

Derkac earns his first-ever All-American selection with a third-team nod, after being named first-team All-Ivy earlier this season. He has seen action in every game over the past three seasons and this year he has developed into the leader of the Cornell defense at the long-stick midfielder position. A finalist for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award for accomplishments on the field, in the classroom and in the community, Derkac serves as a team co-captain and has been an integral part of the Big Red’s face-off unit. He currently ranks 33rd in the nation with 4.12 ground balls per game and is second on the team in caused turnovers (19). In the classroom, Derkac holds a 3.41 grade-point average and is majoring in Applied Economics and Management. 



Ned Crotty and Max Quinzani. Both are guaranteed to hear their names in the first round of the MLL Draft. They were highly regarded entering their senior seasons, had a lot of pressure, and rose to the occasion. Crotty is the jack of all trades, great passer, content on setting up Quinzani who seemingly never fails to find the back of the net. Who’s better is a matter of preference. 

Don’t forget Duke’s all-everything defenseman Parker McKee. Not to be confused  his brother who put in a solid year for Duke at midfield, Parker epitomizes the “Anchor” cliché so often associated with defense. Anchor in the form of stability, as his athletic, fast, smooth style of play is anything but anchor-esque. 

There you have it, your guide to how the NCAA Final 4 will impact the MLL Draft. Check out all the action starting Saturday at 4pm on ESPN2. And don’t forget to watch the Championship game on Memorial Day on ESPN2 at 3:30pm!

Clip of the Day

May 27, 2010

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I love goalie goals…

Cannons vs. Lizards – Pregame Snacks.

May 27, 2010

The Lizards play the Cannons this Thursday.  It’s going to be on Comcast Sports Net and it’s being called by Jason Chandler, possibly the biggest broadcast star the MLL has ever created.  I’m serious.  The baby-faced assassin has been placed on this earth to call lacrosse games and provide guidance to both fledgling and nuanced MLL fans alike.  More importantly, the Cannons have a winning percentage of 100% with J. Chand calling the action.  This season, anyway.

(The best part about previewing games this early in the season is that the stats do the writing for you. )

The Lizards top point man is Matt Danowski.  He has two goals and four assists.  A staggering 15% shooting percentage makes those numbers even more impressive.  Have I mentioned that I’m a UNC fan and hate all Duke players in all sports?  Now I have.  Keep that nugget fresh in your mind, I’m sure it will come up again this season/article.

(Is this fair?  I feel like this isn’t fair…)

Long Island’s leading Scorer is Stephen “Last, er, uh, not…picked” Berger with four goals.  His biggest advantage is being super-angry about not being picked by Team USA and taking it out on the field, but he’s more of a dodger than a finisher and plays almost exactly like the Cannons own Justin Smith.  He sort of looks like him too, if Smitty was dipped in a vat of acid like the Joker.  Nicholson, not Ledger.  Don’t get cute.  Berger will be locked down by Sweeney all game.  Don’t worry about him.

(Seriously, this is like playing dodgeball against a team of six year olds.  That are handcuffed to each other.  On the moon.)

I see that you are wearing your "no chance" pants for this game. Well played.

By comparison, the Cannons have one player that has out-scored both Berger and Danowski – Matt “Barncat” Poskay.  “The Barncat” has eight goals and has broken the 100 goal barrier for the Cannons.  To say that Poskay is the definition of a true Cannon is beyond obvious, but should be stated as many time as possible.  As long as he accepts the “Barncat” moniker and stops calling himself “Country”.

The Lizards have scored 18 goals in two games, and I have to say that averaging less than 10 points in the MLL means that you have basically no chance of winning against an NCAA team much less a professional lacrosse team.  Ask the Nationals, I heard they lost to a bunch of high school kids last week.  Who’s scared of Team Canada now? Can’t win a lacrosse game without longpoles or a goalie, right?  Hey Canada, enjoy the Bronze this year.

It would be far too easy to blame the Lizards struggles on their goalie Drew Adams.  He’s sporting a 57% save clip to go with a respectable goals against average of 12.5.  Good for fourth in the league so far.  Out of six.  Adams has had the unenviable task of replacing one of – if not the – best goalie(s) in MLL history in Brian Dougherty. It seems like only last week that I was casting aspersions on the twinkie filled net minder but the big man has decided to retire from the MLL, despite being named to Team USA.

Doughy-ty one of only two players that have retired from professional play but are still suiting up for the US in the 2010 lacrosse world cup.  The other player being former Cannon Kevin Cassese, whose name I simply cannot type correctly and I, for the sake of convenience only, am glad is not playing ball for Boston in 2010.  But then again, he played for Duke, so the name thing is less important.

The retirement of Brian Dougherty explained in just one picture:

Kip Turner has been great for the Cannons in the first two games.  Wait, did I just type that?  Yes.  I did.  Well, he has indeed been pretty great so far.  He has had some “Kip turner moments” as I call them, when he wanders out of goal for a loose ball and then turns his back to the field for some reason.  Maybe he talks to the ball.

All I know is that the Kipster is third in save percentage (54%) and Goals against average (11.5).  Now all he has to do is stay in the damn cage and keep throwing pretty outlets.  Or I’m going to list the guys that were picked after him in the draft.  You’re safe for now, Kippie.  Safe for now…

The Lizards defense is seen to be their strength, but really its only strength is its retirement plan.  The average age of the Lizards defense is 29, which doesn’t seem old, but in MLL terms is practically ancient.  That being said, LI holds it’s opponents under 25% shooting (22% in fact) good for best in the league.  Somehow I think that will change against the midfield heavy Cannons line up.  The Liz have no pole to match up with Paul Rabil and have serious trouble covering feeders.  Good news for Ryan Boyle; better news for Rabes who should have a field day with Frank D’Agostino and Steve Panarelli in the open field.

The Cannons have the advantage on face-offs, but Long Island’s Greg “Beastman” Gurenlian (44%) has a slight advantage over Chris “What the H-” Eck (45%) in the weight room.  Gurenlian is the guy at the gym that eaves the weights out and never wipes down the equipment.  Because he never leaves.  That being said, the only team that has been dominating face-offs this year are the Bayhawks who play in some place called Chesapeake.  Where is that?  Is that a mountain?  Is that where that guy wrote “Watership Down”?  That book sucked.  If your teacher makes you read “Watership Down” take the F and toss it in the trash.  It’s not worth it.  That’s the book dumb people say is their favourite to look smart.

No St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it's astonishing that talking rabbits are really a part of the national teaching curriculum.

The Cannons are primed for a 3-0 start, but they have to stay vigilant after they get a lead.  Last year the Cannons main problem was holding on to leads and this year it looks like they might have the same affliction.  They were up as many as seven goals on Chicago in the third quarter last week, but they only ended up winning by two goals and were outscored 6-3 in the fourth quarter by the Machine.  The Cannons also held a six goal lead against The Outlaws early in the third quarter of the home opener, but were outscored 6-4 down the stretch in that game as well.

Remember, if you see Jason Chandler on the street, give the guy a hug.  He needs/deserves the attention.  Tune in to CSN on Thursday and watch the Cannons run show on the Lizards.  Because Long Island is just Las Vegas without any fun stuff to do and MORE people with plastic in their faces.


Go Cannons.

Casey at the Lax

May 26, 2010
Cannons fans what’s crackalackin?
Sooooo we’re 2-0!!! That’s kinda what’s up right now.

Somethings been bothering Matt Casey

But before I get into last Saturday’s game, there’s a little something that has been bothering me for a while now. It’s a situation that I used to laugh at, but am starting to get really annoyed with. Every weekend, I have to fly from Syracuse to Beantown or where ever our game is. I love flying, so that part of the story is allllll  good. I don’t know how many of you guys reading this are frequent flyers, but when i plane lands and finally stops at the gate there is usually a short wait (which can be as long as 10 min) until the passengers are allowed off the plane. At this time, while we’re all waiting to get off, I’m usually just chillin in my seat, makin a phone call, listenin to music… u know CHILLIN. The funny thing is that there are people who, even though the door isn’t open and noone is getting off the plane yet, just feel the need to stand up as if that’ll get them off the plane quicker. I’ve always found this to be comical, especially when these “standers” are just standing in an aisle that is crammed with people and about 5ft 8in tall and 1ft wide for 10 min… I swear if you think about how silly it is, its hillarious….. BUT…. there has been a recent trend developing with “standers” on airplanes. They aren’t just standing anymore.

Where's everyone think they're going?

Their standing up tactic apparently wasn’t working well enough, so in an attempt to help their efforts of getting off the plane, the “standers” have began to move up the isle, passing people that have intelligently declined to excercise their right to stand on an airplane for no reason. Again, I’m a really laid back type of person, and prolly wouldn’t care at all if these people wanted to go ahead, but the sense of achievement they get when they stand up and move pass someone like me who’s sitting down, coupled with the idiotic intensity they complete this mission with bothers the **** out of me! Next time I think I’m going to start stick my legs out in the aisle from now on just to spite all the “standers” behind me. 
All you “standers” watch out…. I’m plotting a way to sabatoge your creepy pass by move…

Casey is predicting a Cannons win against the Lizards

FEWWW ! With that off my chest… We dominated another game on Saturday, beating the Chichago Machine by a score of 17-15… Like last week the score was not indicative of how we dictated the game. There was a 5 min stretch in the fourth quarter where the guys lost focus and Chicago made a semi-comeback. These were the games that we would end up losing last year, but this year when we let a lead slip we figure out ways to catch it before its too late. This Boston Cannons team is realllly good… I’m tell you guys we’re gunna do some big things this year!  We got L.I. this thursday in NY (holla). We should be 3-0 at the end of the week….
– It’s ya boy Matt Casey and I’m out….
ps. over 10,000 fans were at the game last Saturday…. Don’t be the only one of your friends that didn’t see us play next time 
Next home game is on June 12th 7p.m. against Denver

Clip of the Day

May 26, 2010

Face-Off specialists are like the long snapper in football or that wily guy on a basketball bench who just hits 3 pointers, they are tasked with a specific, non-glamorous task but one that is crucial to how their team plays. They don’t get much credit, but every coach knows their importance.

This video’s for the kids, learn how to face-off and do it real well, and that could be your niche in the MLL someday.

Game Day as an Intern

May 25, 2010


Another successful win on saturday! Us laxtiterns and other staff had to be at the field at 8 in the morning for game day set up. We breezed though it but unfortunately encountered some injuries along the way. Sarah, our diva intern, broke her pinky nail setting up the Qdoba chairs. Poooooooor thing. Also, we had another intern injury, a little more serious than a broken nail. Intern Tony had an altercation with the wooden stage that goes on the sideline at 50 yard line and seriously took a toll his knee slash leg. The thing swelled up and turned blue faster than Violet from Willy Wonka.

Oompa Oompa Oompity Doooo

Because we rocked setup, we got to watch the game day practice while having lunch made for a champion. Some pizza accompanied by balls of fried dough yumminess. I could nom on them all day.

So before we knew it, it was game time. Rabils return was pretty sweet, and definitely didn’t go unnoticed with that head of hair and his 3 goals of course. I wonder when the last time he got a hair cut.

Forget Locks of Love, Rabil is Lax of Love

Poskay sniped his 100th(…and 101st, 102nd , and 103rd) career goal during the game. Hats off to you sir!  We also sold at the merchandise tent a stunning purple orchid Poskay tee which a portion of the proceeds went to The Dana Farber cancer institute. They were a hot item and flew off the shelves like tickle me elmo back in the day.  No need to sweat if you didn’t scoop one up, King of Merch has placed an order, hopefully available for the next home game.

After the Cannons walked away with a win, we cleaned up and broke down the field in record breaking time. We headed over to the after parrrtaay Green Briar and had a grand ol time!

Also, the final four is taking place down in B-more this weekend. I’m thinking about heading down to catch some action and meet up with some of my creatures from Loyola (hollerrr). But, it indeed looks like we have a pretty good match up on our hands for the championship game. For all of you making the trip I highly suggest getting some eats at fogo de chao in the inner harbor, or a breakfast at miss shirleys… you wont be let down.

Ever watch The Wire?

Untill laterrrr-

Live, love, lax