Stone Cold

Mike Stone checks in with his impressions of week 1 of training camp, a week he really impressed

Wow, it feels like forever since I wrote my last blog. Things have really started kicking up in the last couple weeks. We are finally into the season and had our first weekend of training camp at Harvard two weeks ago. The day started with a season ticket holder appreciation where I got to practice my autograph, an aspect of my game that is really struggling right now. We had a lot of downtime in the morning and were able to work on our farmer’s tans at the Princeton vs. Harvard game, watching the Crimson defeat the Tigers for
the first time in 20 years.

The Gentle Giant Challenge is harder than it looks

Outside the game, the company Gentle Giant set up their “Gentle Giant Staircase” (if you haven’t seen it before it is a staircase up on one side and a slide down on the other). Gentle Giant times all of their employees for 5 laps of the staircase to test their fitness level. For “fun” a few Cannons were recruited to run the stairs in between all the young kids racing up and down. Fearing our own upcoming fitness test I was reluctant to join the running of the stairs but was convinced I could beat the world record of 28 seconds (set earlier that day by Speedster Chris Ajemian who crushed the previous long-standing record of 31 seconds). I coasted to a mediocre time of 34 seconds. My competitive edge set in and as soon as I caught my breath I raced back up the stairs to a time of just over 31 seconds. Still no record but I’ll be training hard for a re-match next year.

After all of the days activities we finally suited up to play some lax. Well, kind of. First we had to finish our fitness test performed by CATZ trainers which was fairly quick but very painful. We then scrimmaged the CroArt League All-Star Team. I was happy to see a strong Middlebury presence on the all-star team including former Cannons player and Middlebury Panther Jed Raymond. After the scrimmage we were done for the day and told to report back for practice the next morning.

Not cats, catz as in

Sunday morning we tried to beat out our soreness beginning with more
CATZ conditioning stations. Over the next couple hours we ran through a few drills and ended with a team scrimmage. All told, the first weekend of camp was fun. The guys on the team are a great group to hang out with and I have my fingers crossed hoping to make the team and get to spend some more time with them.

This blog ran a little longer than I expected so I’ll break it off now and keep my fingers loose for another entry later this week.

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