Stone Cold Poll

Cannons Blog Blogger Mike Stone is facing a daunting task as he attempts to make the Cannons roster. The Wellesley HS legend went on to a spectacular career at Middlebury College, but the transition from college to the pro’s is not easy, especially from a D-III school like Middlebury (not knocking Middlebury!).

As Cannons GM Mark Kastrud noted last week when talking about training camp, its one thing to excel in a scrimmage but another to do it against the best in the world, and thats what the MLL is.

Mike came into camp in great shape and impressed, causing the usually Belchekian Coach Daye to actually single him out as the top preformer. In week 2 of training camp against the MLL Long Island Wizards Stone again impressed, showing the consistency that we said in our training camp preview was of the utmost importance. Stone has impressed, but is he among the best? TIME TO VOTE!

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4 Comments on “Stone Cold Poll”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    Practice? We talkin Practice? Probably makes the practice squad with a chance to earn a game-day spot. ya heard it here first! Irish Mike Out.

  2. MVS Fan Says:

    I watched Michael play for years and he always rises to the occasion and never flinches. Uncanny resolve and poise. Steady as a rock and as tough. An agile gazelle and a bruiser tank. Incredible motivation. He will be an important contributor to the Cannons this year. I can’t wait to see him in action

  3. Mark J Cape Says:

    The Cannons management would be stupid not to take this local kid, who played at Wellesely High School, where I believe he helped win a state title and later a top DIV 3 player. Let’s face it, he is likely good enough to make the team on his own merits..but from an economic perspective you have an in-road into all those deep pocketed metro west family’s who have kids playing and have the purchasing power and discretionary income to buy tickets. Want to sell tickets, than sign the local kid..simple. A few years back I met a kid from Philadelphia an I-Banker form Penn, he was fling around every weekend on an airplane to meet up with the do you build a team like that. Having a local player or a few would be good for the league and I hear he is pretty good too.

  4. Irish Mike Says:

    he was a great d3 player, but the MLL is the best of the best, is a great d3 player good enough to contribute against the best d1 talent?

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