Cannons Dance Team

Karen is the fearless leader of the Cannons Dance Team

May 2010
We are just weeks, practically days away from the 2010 home opener! A part of me wishes we had just a few more weeks to prepare and get a few dances under our belt. But the bigger part of me can’t wait. Even though it’s my 5th season with the team, I still look forward to the first game and kicking off the season. An added bonus is that my favorite part of the game happens first thing; the tunnel for player introductions!

We had the chance to practice on the field at Harvard this week which makes the transition from practice in the gym to game time a lot easier, especially for rookies. It was so nice to see their faces running onto the field and listening eagerly as I explained what we do throughout the game; where we stand and then actually dancing on the field. Of course, it still doesn’t compare to the experience of doing all that with thousands of screaming Cannons fans in the stands – we were all alone in that huge stadium during our practice! One rookie, Cara said it best “Wow!” when she saw just how big and impressive Harvard Stadium is!

In our final practice, we’ll be perfecting our sidelines, on –field dances and going through last minute game details with rookies. Hopefully we’ll see you at Harvard to kick off the 2010 Cannons season!

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One Comment on “Cannons Dance Team”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    when i clicked on cara i said “wow” giggity giggity

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