Sunday at 8:30 pm on ESPNU the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament will announce its field, showcasing many future MLL players, guys who could very well be the next Boston Cannons come the June Draft.

Check out under the College Lax category yesterdays breakdown of the conferences, automatic qualifiers and possible At-large teams. To recap:

6 AQ’s (Denver, Army, Cornell, Stony Brook, Delaware and Siena), 5 more locks (Virginia, UNC, Maryland, Duke and Syracuse), leaving 5 At-Large spots for at least 9 bubble teams (Bryant, G-Town, Nova, Princeton, Loyola, Hofsra, Drexel and Towson) with Johns Hopkins and Bucknell long shots as two more teams in the discussion.

Since its Friday and we’re heading out to an event in Duxbury shortly, I have to keep this short and sweet. Johns Hopkins, led by NH native Steven Boyle, I’m sorry but you guys didn’t win enough, so you’re out of the tourney for just the second time ever.


Loyola, Hofstra and Drexel are possibilities from the CAA, as I predict Delaware will get the AQ. If Loyola beats Johns Hopkins on Saturday, they’re in, along with Hofstra. If they lose, they are passed over by Drexel for the At-Large spot. Beating Johns Hopkins seems to be the biggest fad in College Lax this season, but the Blue Jays are playing to save face. I still suspect Loyola wins. Loyola and Hofstra are the call.

At 7-7 how is Towson on the Bubble? They have an odd resume with some good wins over UMASS (twice) and Drexel, but losses to pretty much every other talented team.  Simply not strong enough a case to crack this tough field.

Bryant. G-Town. Nova. Princeton. 3 spots for 4 teams. The Ivy was strong this year. Princeton finished terribly including a loss to Harvard at the Boston Cannons season ticket holder appreciation day, the first lost to Harvard in 30 years I’m told (haven’t checked that fact). But because of the strength of the Ivy, the Tigers roar into the tourny.

Georgetown. They are big. Literally. Every player on their team practically is 6’5″ 220 lbs and hits like a mac truck. I have fallen in love with this team and this is my LAX-ETOLOGY so they’re in.

1 spot. Bryant or Nova? In the Lax Power-Power Poll Bryant is 23 and Nova is 18. Bryant played a fairly soft schedule whereas Nova competed in the new Big East. Again, its who did ya beat time? Nova passes that test with wins over ND and Drexel and a chance to add to that with a game against Georgetown this weekend. Nova is the pick.

There ya have it, the NCAA Men’s Lax field, check back monday to see how I faired.

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