Daye Time — Last weekend of training camp

Sitting here watching the Bruins, Recci just tied it up with 31.5 seconds left….SICK! That’s what playoff hockey is all about! I know, why am I typing right now? Well, it’s the intermission between the end of the 3rd and OT and I’m pretty beat so need to get it done. My man Joe Beninati is doing the game, he is the man. I love listening to he and Q when I’m watching an MLL game, they make a great team. It’s pretty cool to hear Joe’s voice on a Bruin’s game, Yeah Boston sports!

So….. last weekend of training camp. We brought back a few extra guys to take one last look before we finalize our 23 man active roster. Competition is the name of the game so far this year and it’s what we as coaches want to see. When top athletes compete, it brings out their best. There are a few rookies that may push for a spot on the active roster, so this weekend will be an important one for a handful of players. What we are looking for is consistency; the ability to play at the highest level on a consistent basis. This is what separates players in the MLL. A lot is on the line this weekend that’s for sure, it’ll be a good one. Catz is back in the house to condition the guys on Saturday prior to practice. Then we’ll get out and start putting in offensive and defensive calls, different O & D sets, and mix up the personnel, etc. It’ll be good to get the guys all on the same page in terms of communication. We’ll get after it a little bit with some GB transition drills and then finish up with some shooting. I’m a big advocate of shooting, all of our drills mimic game like situation dodges and are at full speed. After practice Saturday night, we’re headed up to the Green Brian in Allston for a little team bonding exercise and then back on the field bright and early Sunday morning.

I just wanted to reiterate how that scrimmage last week vs LI really turned out to be a good thing for us. It gave us a good indication of where players are a lot earlier than in the past. It’s the 1st time we’ve had a preseason since 2001 & 2002……the early years, back when I was out there between the pipes.

Sunday, 9:00 tune into ESPNU to see what seed your favorite team gets…..or if they get in. Go HEELS!

Did you get a chance to check out Holla Back w/Matt Casey a.k.a. Sizzle on Who else on the Cannons do you think we should follow on Cannon’s weekly? Email me your favorite Cannon’s player you want to see featured:

Check back on Monday to see who made the 23 and why…..

Next week….Denver. Boy, I can’t wait.


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