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Another competitive and intense day of practice yesterday to close out training camp for 2010. We ended with a little “pow wow” after practice yesterday morning as I spoke to the team first. Captains Passavia and Poskay said a few words and then our owner Matt Dwyer ended it by speaking to the team, all of us echoing the same thing……. Training camp this year was full of competition and it’s only going to make us a better team as we strive for our goal of winning the MLL Championship.

The coaching staff and I met for a few hours yesterday after practice with our owner and Vice President to discuss the last round of cuts that need to be submitted the league office today. There were some difficult decisions that were made and we went back and forth with each other until we were all convinced this was the direction we wanted to go with the roster for 2010. We had a very athletic group this year and possibly the most talented group we’ve had since I’ve been coaching. Our goals coming into camp were to add depth and more athleticism at the midfield, get younger while at the same time maintaining our veteran presence at the key positions so we could remain competitive. I believe we’ve not only attained these goals but we’ve surpassed them. We shall see, starting this Saturday at home vs. Denver. To see our 23 man roster once it’s announced make sure you check out If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for the home opener, go online or call the office and get that taken care of ASAP, this is not a game you’re going to want to miss! (617.746.9933).

I think we all knew Virgina was going to get the #1 seed last night but honestly I was a little surprised Maryland got the #3 seed. Matt Poksay and I were texting back and forth during the show saying the same thing. Despite the fact that Maryland beat Carolina in the ACC tournament, the regular season win and overall record should account for more. Even Duke had significant beef to say they should have been a #3 or #4 seed over Maryland. How about the committee giving Hopkins the nod and keeping the longest tournament streak alive in NCAA Lacrosse! If I’m a Georgetown fan, I would feel disrespected BUT the RPI is all about strength of schedule and Hopkins does play the toughest schedule in college lacrosse. Nevertheless it should be a great tournament with some exciting match ups in the 1st round…..Duke/Hopkins; can’t believe one of those teams are going home early! Make sure you check out ESPNU next weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or at least set the DVR as it’s going to be a great weekend of lacrosse. Check your local listings or for the schedule in your area. Go HEELS!!!!

Busy week for me, it’s the middle of the month so I need to ramp up some sales for LU team and at the same time start preparing for Denver. We need to break down film, prepare a game plan, scouting report and get ready for practice on Friday night. The 1st few games of the season are always a little bit harder to prepare for a team when they’ve changed personnel and you don’t have film on some of the new players you may see. That’s part of the job though and it’s what I enjoy the most. Time to go to work!

Have a question? Email me at I’ve been answering a lot of questions on my facebook page, so feel free to email me there as well.

Have a good week and make sure you’re working hard to take Your Game to the Next Level!

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