Lax-etology in Review

A lot of people make bold predictions and then just ride off into the sunset with no accountability for what they said. Not here. We told you who was going to be dancing in the NCAA Lax Field and it’s time to see how we did.

Of the 16 teams selected for the Dance we correctly picked 13, Delaware, Denver, Stony Brook, Army, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina, Maryland, Loyola, Syracuse, Cornell, Hofstra and Princeton.

We missed three…Johns Hopkins, Mt. St. Mary’s and Notre Dame. When we say missed, what we mean to say is that the selection committee made two egracious mistakes as Johns Hopkins and ND have no business dancing. Mt St Mary’s earned their way into the field by winning their conference tournament, congrats to them.

So there you have it, 13 out of 16 correct, not too shabby. If ND and Johns Hopkins didn’t get the big lax school benefit of the doubt Siena, Georgetown or Villanova could all be dancing in place of them, as they deserve.

Check back for updates on how the Tournament shakes out, especially on players in the Tournament who could be future Boston Cannons after the June Amateur Draft.

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