Dance Team Diary

Cannons rookie Madeline

It’s now down to the final days before Game 1, and this rookie could not be more excited! This past week we had practice at Harvard Stadium. It was my very first time there, and I love it! It’s gargantuan! Definitely the largest place I have ever performed. Plus, we will be outside during the summer! Does it get any better?

 As a rookie, there is a lot to learn. I must admit, I’m pretty nervous for the first game. Even after 11 years of dancing for an audience, I still get mega-stage freight! Luckily, I’m even more excited, so those nerves don’t stand a chance on game night! Aside from being possibly the most welcoming and patient group ever, the dance team veterans are also quick to offer up their invaluable knowledge and experience to us rookies.

 Practices have been intensely productive; an exciting combination of the most work, and definitely the most fun, that can be fit into three hours. Our coach, Karen, has us doing more high kicks than I previously thought possible! The payoff? Well, some pretty high kicks! And the assurance that we will be ready to entertain the crowd at our first game this coming Saturday.

 All the promotional events so far have been just as enjoyable. Getting to attend such cool events is one of the many perks of being a Cannons dancer. Recently, I attended a Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids charity event, and had the chance to meet some incredible runners psyching up to run the Boston Marathon in the charity’s honor. Soon after, I had the opportunity to cheer on those same individuals, along with 20,000 other amazing athletes in the marathon.

 Hope to see you at our home opener this coming Saturday, May 15th! Let’s hope for some great weather, and of course, a strong start to the season!

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