What up Buck??



First I would like to shout out to Julie who commented on my blog a week or so ago. Julie, thanks for reading my blogs. I am impressed that you have been such a good English student. I wish I could say the same about myself but I want you to know I do have a proof reader his name is, “Microsoft Word Auto Correct.” I guess my proof reader let me down last week. So, I hope all you blog readers keep checking-in and please just take my misspellings and grammatical mistakes as a little humor for your day, because grammar is most definitely not my calling. O and I bleed Scarlet and Gray so there might be a few Buckeye shout outs from time to time.

The Cannons Chris Eck wins a faceoff during a scrimmage in Wilton CT

So jumping right in to the important stuff, we are kicking off our season this weekend!!!!!! I hope you are all as pumped as I am. Two weekends ago, the Cannons made their way to a little town called Wilton, CT to take on the Lizzy’s in a grueling scrimmage. I chipped my tooth in the scrimmage! I wasn’t wearing my mouth guard, I’m an idiot! Anyone have a good dentist?

Buck lost a part of his Buck Teeth

But anyways, it felt awesome to scrimmage with my new teammates and start building some game scenario chemistry with them. I think that is one part of the game that is crucial, I mean come on its called a team sport for a reason, no one man shows please.

Bucks cheering section was almost as large as a Florida Marlins crowd

 It was nice playing in Wilton where I had a few fans in the stands. My roommate/buddy/teammate, Bill Curry from college lives there and my parents made the trip to spend the weekend with the Curry’s and I. We had a pretty sweet time riding their Vespa around town. I love that thing, I thought I always wanted a motorcycle, but I could definitely see myself zipping around Boston on a Vespa! I wonder if I could fit a Cannons bumper sticker on it? We also had a nice little bonfire. I love spring weather.

Come cheer on the Cannons this Saturday at Harvard Stadium!

This past weekend was our last weekend of camp. I can’t believe how fast it flew by. Camp was great besides for the torrential down pour during practice. I hadn’t showered in a week, so I need it, j/k. The team is made and we are ready to take on the Denver Outlaws on Saturday night at Harvard Stadium. The team got all the new gear and we should be looking spiffy on the field Saturday night. Hope to see y’all then.



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    Southie Hon!

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