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Interns at the front desk

Heading into week two of my summer internship with the Boston Cannons.  Week one was pretty hectic in the office, being the week of the Home Opener.  We got thrown into a variety of stuff.   A few things we worked on last week were Birthday posters for the Birthday Bash parties, putting together goodie bags, rolling posters, answering phones, making ticket sales, and learning how the office runs from day to day.  It seemed like the phone never stopped ringing. 

Boomer made a Gong worthy sale

All of us interns were a little shocked when we first heard the Cannons Gong ring., but everyone else in the office didn’t even seen to notice.  Apparently, when someone makes a season ticket sale they ring the gong. 

Saturday was my first MLL Lacrosse game. Harvard stadium is insane.  It is beautiful and looks like the Coliseum.  There isn’t really a bad seat in the stadium.  It was a great game and the fans were awesome. I am from Northern, NY and have never really experienced Boston fans. I love it!

Can you tell which one is the Coliseum and which one is Harvard Stadium?

I worked in the box office and it was pretty overwhelming but a great time.  Everybody was eager to get their tickets and get into the stadium.  Overall the Home-Opener was a huge success! The weather was great, we had just about 10,000 fans come out and we started the season off with a W.

part of getting ready is folding a lot of merchandise!

Now it’s time to get ready for game 2 this Saturday.


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