Mike Stone helped the Cannons pin the Outlaws in Game 1

The season is finally under way! That means I can bypass my entries about showing up 40 minutes late for the bus to the Long Island scrimmage and forgetting my practice shorts during the last week of training camp. It’s been a wild ride.

Mike did everything he could do to impress the coaches and hoped it was enough to earn a chance to play

All week leading up to the game against Denver I was stressing out about making the 19 man playing roster. I tried to prepare like I would play, getting in the gym with CATZ throughout the week and getting mentally ready for my first MLL game. I also had to spread the word to all my friends and family that I’m officially a big deal. I was very nervous that I had a large group of people coming to watch me play and it might turn out that I wouldn’t play at all! Friday night after practice Coach Daye announced the dress roster and I heard a long list of midfielders announced before finally hearing my name and I could breathe easy as I knew I’d get out on the field and play.

Mike grew up watching the Cannons, hoping to one day have his name on the back of the vaunted Red, White and Blue Jersey

Putting on the jersey at the start of the game and walking out on the field through a gauntlet of fans was very special and is something I will remember forever. My friends had been tailgating all afternoon and made their presence felt all game. Every time I came close to touching the ball I could hear them screaming in the stands. It was great.

It all came together for Mike as the cherry on top came via his first MLL goal, a night to never forget

I only got a few runs during the game and got a couple good looks without much result. Finally, late in the game I got a solid dodging opportunity and scored my first MLL goal! It was another very cool experience. The goal itself was not particularly exciting or important but it was great to hear the crowd erupt. All pieces came together Saturday night and we got a huge win against a very good Denver team. Playing for the Cannons at Harvard Stadium was amazing. I can’t wait for this weekend against Chicago. Hopefully we can match the results from last week.

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2 Comments on “STONE COLD BLOG”

  1. The Big Gong Says:

    way to tear it up last week stoner!!!

  2. Emily Says:

    Go Michael!! 🙂 Your sister is super proud.

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