Cannons fans…. Whats poppin?
Sooo, I dont know if you came to the game or not, but we picked up our first win of the season last Saturday. Beat the Outlaws 16-13. Although the score was definitely not a good representation of how much we dominated the game. Offensively, guys were playing at a fast pace and sharing the ball. Defensively, we played very physical and only had a few minor hick-ups. I was very impressed at how well our team gelled being that there are so many new players on our team and it was the first game of the season. Just think… we dominated a team that went to the championship game last year without the reigning MLL MVP. BTW, I can’t wait for Paul to get back. He brings so much to our team. Watch out y’all… we bout to do some thangs!
Hopefully, in next week’s blog I’ll be talking about how we’re 2-0 !
Holla @ ya boy!

Matt Casey

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