THANK YOU to the 9,841 fans that came out to support us on Saturday night and cheered us to victory! I can’t tell you how much it means to have a crowd like we have, they’re basically our 11th man. It’s a great to get the “W” for the home opener and start 1-0. Saturday night was the unveiling (so to speak) of the team we worked so hard to put together in the off season and we were pretty happy with the results. We had nine different players score goals and when your team is capable of doing that without the services of the reigning MLL MVP and Offensive player of the year…….that’s good stuff. We have a lot of work to do as we were sloppy at times but we’ll take the “W” and get back to work this Friday as Chicago comes to town on Saturday. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, call 617.746.9933 as we would love to get to 10,000 for this game! The goal is to take one game at a time and not look to far ahead, because in this league you can’t afford to do that as every team is capable of winning on game day. There was a first for me this past weekend as I couldn’t believe Brian Reese got ejected from the game. I wasn’t out there at the time so I don’t know what occurred but when I turned around and saw Roy Condon (the head official) give the “you’re out of here” arm wave, I thought we were at Fenway park for a second!

How about some of the upsets over the weekend in the opening rounds of the NCAA lax tourney? Army knocks off the 2-time defending champs Syracuse, congrats Coach Joe Alberici, great victory! Notre Dame lead by Senior goalie Scottie Rodgers knocked off Princeton and Delaware came very close to upsetting my boys down in Chapel Hill. This is what the NCAA tournament is all about……..parity in college lacrosse. Unfortunately some of the teams we’re on the outside looking in as they didn’t get a chance to show what they were capable of doing. I know the selection committee has a difficult job but I think it was evident that a couple of the teams (or one in particular) who received at large bids didn’t deserve to be there. That’s why I honestly believe the tournament should be expanded to 24 teams (2 more games in each bracket). This way more teams (Drexel, Georgetown for example) get into the tourney and get an opportunity to show what they can do. Thoughts??? Down to eight teams and this weekend’s games should be great; Duke-Carolina rematch, Maryland-Notre Dame, Cornell-Army and Virgina-Stonybrook. All playing for an opportunity to get to the big dance! Make sure you tune into ESPNU, check your local listings.

Congrats to Foxboro HS and Coach Matt Noone for beating their arch rival Franklin last week and capturing the Hockomock League Championship. 6-4 nail biter, Foxboro’s goalie had 17 saves to get the W. Best of luck in the tournament boys!

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