Casey at the Lax

Cannons fans what’s crackalackin?
Sooooo we’re 2-0!!! That’s kinda what’s up right now.

Somethings been bothering Matt Casey

But before I get into last Saturday’s game, there’s a little something that has been bothering me for a while now. It’s a situation that I used to laugh at, but am starting to get really annoyed with. Every weekend, I have to fly from Syracuse to Beantown or where ever our game is. I love flying, so that part of the story is allllll  good. I don’t know how many of you guys reading this are frequent flyers, but when i plane lands and finally stops at the gate there is usually a short wait (which can be as long as 10 min) until the passengers are allowed off the plane. At this time, while we’re all waiting to get off, I’m usually just chillin in my seat, makin a phone call, listenin to music… u know CHILLIN. The funny thing is that there are people who, even though the door isn’t open and noone is getting off the plane yet, just feel the need to stand up as if that’ll get them off the plane quicker. I’ve always found this to be comical, especially when these “standers” are just standing in an aisle that is crammed with people and about 5ft 8in tall and 1ft wide for 10 min… I swear if you think about how silly it is, its hillarious….. BUT…. there has been a recent trend developing with “standers” on airplanes. They aren’t just standing anymore.

Where's everyone think they're going?

Their standing up tactic apparently wasn’t working well enough, so in an attempt to help their efforts of getting off the plane, the “standers” have began to move up the isle, passing people that have intelligently declined to excercise their right to stand on an airplane for no reason. Again, I’m a really laid back type of person, and prolly wouldn’t care at all if these people wanted to go ahead, but the sense of achievement they get when they stand up and move pass someone like me who’s sitting down, coupled with the idiotic intensity they complete this mission with bothers the **** out of me! Next time I think I’m going to start stick my legs out in the aisle from now on just to spite all the “standers” behind me. 
All you “standers” watch out…. I’m plotting a way to sabatoge your creepy pass by move…

Casey is predicting a Cannons win against the Lizards

FEWWW ! With that off my chest… We dominated another game on Saturday, beating the Chichago Machine by a score of 17-15… Like last week the score was not indicative of how we dictated the game. There was a 5 min stretch in the fourth quarter where the guys lost focus and Chicago made a semi-comeback. These were the games that we would end up losing last year, but this year when we let a lead slip we figure out ways to catch it before its too late. This Boston Cannons team is realllly good… I’m tell you guys we’re gunna do some big things this year!  We got L.I. this thursday in NY (holla). We should be 3-0 at the end of the week….
– It’s ya boy Matt Casey and I’m out….
ps. over 10,000 fans were at the game last Saturday…. Don’t be the only one of your friends that didn’t see us play next time 
Next home game is on June 12th 7p.m. against Denver
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