MLL 2010 Draft Coverage – Death by Firing Squad

It’s me again. I skipped a preview of the last game against the Bayhawks. Trust me, we’re all glad that I made that decision.

Know why? Now you get up to the minute draft coverage right here. And not just for the Cannons – oh no – this is a draft board for the entire league. That’s right, expert commentary and witticisms all for the price of free. God bless the interweb.

Each pick will be filled in to the bracket below in real time, followed by my commentary on said pick. I’m not grading the picks, I find it more productive to wait until after the draft and grade the teams. Plus, I have more time to think up mean/constructive things to say.

Dave Gross you are my favourite commissioner in any sport, but…Who picked out your tie? Did you lose a bet?

Round 1

1. Chicago: Ned Crotty, Attack, Duke. Biggest no-brainer of the draft. As long as Crotty commits to the Machine long term and doesn’t shank them in the back like Steven Brooks did, this is a fantastic selection.
2. Chesapeake: Michael Kimmel, Midfield, Johns Hopkins. If Kimmel develops into the player that everyone from Hopkins says he is, I’ll back this pick. As it stands right now, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the Josh Coffman 2.0. Who? Exactly. Put it on the board.
3. Boston: Max Quinzani, Attack, Duke. I called this 9 months ago. And I’ve been talking about it for almost as long. Welcome home Captain weird beard. Quinzani solves more problems on attack than any other player in this draft. He’s a finisher of the highest caliber. Now the Cannons just need to snag NH’s boy Stevie Boyle and we shall have a legion of scorers. Muaahahahahaha.
4. Long Island: Parker McKee, LSM, Duke. People rag on his speed (right Quint?) but he’s the most complete pole coming out. Unlike Clausen he actually shuts down the top guys that he covers. LI needed to get younger on D and this pick definitely does that for them. He’s a Ground ball machine, people. What’s not to love?
5. Denver: Ken Clausen, D/LSM, UVA. Clausen got smoked by the best guys on every team all season. How does he defend the best guys on an MLL team if he can’t stop the best guys in the NCAA? He shouldn’t have been picked this high. He will get a chance to prove me wrong right away, though. Brian Reese must think that he can get quality midfielders later on. He’s wrong there too.
6. Chesapeake: Brian Carroll, Midfielder, UVA. Standard pick. Not sexy, but effective. The Bayhawks don’t need all that much to round out their team, so anyone they pick in this draft is sweet tasty gravy. I would have gone with Delaney here (maybe even Cahill) just because he’s a box to box midfielder and has more upside, but Carroll can do more with the ball than people think. He won’t draw the pole in the MLL and will have free reign until he does.

TRADE! Toronto trades Josh Sims and Doc Schneider AND their #10 pick for Chicago’s pick #7 in the second round. So, Chicago gets Josh Sims and Doc Schneider for a second round pick? WHAT?

Round 2

7. TORONTO (from Chicago): Scott Rodgers, Goalie, Notre Dame. Well, that’s a guy I trade up for. Apparently Doc Schnide facilitated this trade to be closer to UMass (he’s an assistant coach under Greg Cannella). I don’t get how that works, but nice move.

TRADE! Toronto trades the #8 pick to the Outlaws for Denver’s #10 and #17 picks in this draft. Wow.

8. DENVER (from Toronto): Sean Delaney, Midfielder, UNC. Fantastic pick. There was speculation over whether or not Delaney would play this summer after an injury plagued Senior Campaign. I’m glad he pulled the trigger. Delaney is suited to the MLL style of play. Big time shot, bigger frame and biggest versatility. Did I mention that I’m a UNC fan? Because I am. Love this guy. Reese redeems.
9. CHICAGO (From Toronto): Martin Cahill, Midfielder, Delaware. The best shooter in the draft. Doesn’t do much else, but you don’t need to do much else when you have the best players in the world all around you feeding the rock. Successor to the struggling Matt Streibel. Solid selection.
10. TORONTO (From Denver): Cody Jamieson, Attack, Syracuse. Who else was going to pick him? the Nationals laid claim to him when they were still the Rattlers. Toronto should have taken a more traditional midfielder. Re: Mobile. Jamieson is great with the ball in his stick, but struggles to get open against athletic defenses. Good thing all the defenses in the MLL are old and slow. Wait, what? Who SAID that?
11. Denver: Andrew Hennessey, FOGO, Bryant. Walterhoefer is injured/eating. This is just cover for half the season. Hennessey might be better than Walterhoefer in the end, as well. Just goes to show you how important/overvalued the Face-off position is in the MLL. The Outlaws probably could have gotten this guy in round 3 or 4. but who else is left?
12. Boston: Steven Boyle, Attack, Johns Hopkins. BOOM! You like that? Huh? SHIRE ALL UP IN YOUR FACE! Boyle was double and triple teamed all year at the Hop. He had no help. now he has Ryan Boyle, Matt Poskay and Paul Rabil for help. Expect big things. 603 represent. Also, I’m really happy they didn’t pick Thomas Muldoon at this spot, otherwise I would have had to eat a salad of my own hair and toenails. Long story.

Round 3

13. Chicago: Diogo Godoi, D, UMass. Damn. Great pick. Raw and mean he has the most potential of any defensive player in the draft. Will he get enough instruction on an MLL team to improve? I think you know the answer to that. Also, I’m just bitter that the Cannons didn’t get him. Yeah, he was too raw, that’s it. Talk yourself into it, Kyle.
14. Boston: Jim Connolly, Attack, UMass. Uhm. Bad pick this high. You guys needed a pole and you know it. Christian Scuderi maybe? Michael Jarvis? Pierce Derkac? Steve Waldeck? Come on, BD. Get some speed on the defensive end. Disappointing.
15. Chesapeake: Chris Daniello, Attack, Syracuse. He will play midfield in the MLL, but Daniello has second or third line talent. He’s under sized, but has great dodging ability and serious experience in running an offense. Just hope he never gets stuck on D. Ask the Orange fans what happens when he does. Hint: It’s about as pretty as Katherine Heigel without makeup.
16. Long Island: Scott Kocis, Midfielder, Georgetown. This is a few spots higher than I thought he would go, but Long Island is so hard up for offense that he will definitely get a shot to play this year. Honestly, watching LI play this weekend was so painful that I wanted to call Mark Millon and tell him to ask Jim Mule and ask for an attack spot. Kocis will need to score on almost every chance to get an impact with Matt “black hole” Danowski on offense monopolizing the ball.
17. TORONTO (From Denver): Steve Waldeck, LSM, Stony Brook. Well, Toronto is basically revamping it’s team. This pick serves notice to all the horrendous poles on their roster. I expect them to just keep picking poles for the rest of the draft. Waldeck is a very underrated player. He brings exceptional ball control and aggressive ground ball play to an athletically anemic Nationals defense.
18. Long Island: Christian Scuderi, Defense, Hofstra. Looks like Long Island is serving notice to it’s old timers. I don’t know if Scuderi will see the field right away, but any fringe poles on the roster just had their hopes dashed. Look out Polanco and Spallina. Big Jim is knocking down the house.

I was going to stop there, but since the draft is an unfathomable 8 rounds long, I’ll just split the difference and cover one more round. Cool?

4th Round

19. Chesapeake: Kyle Wimer, Midfielder, UMBC. Once talked about as a first round guy, Wimer’s stock fell faster than the 2010 NCAA lacrosse finals’ ratings. He’s shifty, which I always respect, but struggled as the only guy on UMBC that could do anything with the ball. Wimer will have to make some serious inroads, or take advantage of an injury, to see the field in 2010, but he could be next year’s Pete Poillon.
20. Boston: Chris Nixon, D/LSM, Georgetown. That’s more like it. Nixon has a great handle and will push the Cannons poles in practice enough to get results. Quinzani’s former teammate in high school is now his teammate in the Pro game. Am I crying? I think I’m crying. It’s just so damned sweet. NOW PICK ANOTHER POLE. Or Justin Pennington. He’s a beastmaster.
21. Nick Tsouris, Midfielder, Yale. Hurm. D-mid. I guess. I seriously doubt he has the size to cover MLL midfielders, but he’s probably a better option than some of the other guys the Cannons have been trotting out there as of late. Everything from here on out is pure depth. For every team.
22. Long Island: Brent Herbst, Goalie, Siena. Won’t see the field. Hasn’t seen big time shooters…ever. This is why I didn’t want to do this round. Depth picks. Maybe picks. Sorta picks. Boring picks.
23. Chesapeake: Brian Phipps, Goalie, Maryland. Injury issues and a disjointed defense basically ruined this guy’s career. He was one of the best recruits in the nation a few years back and was just about to hit his Apex when he blew out his knee. Sad. Maybe he gets a shot on the Bayhawks if he guts it out for a season or two. Otherwise he’s just Harry Alford-lite.
24. Chesapeake: Michael Jarvis, D, UNC. A lot of people will be shocked to see Jarvis fall this far, but those lot of people obviously did not see him play against Delaware and Duke in the playoffs. His timing on slides was terrible and his command of the defense fell away with each goal. That doesn’t erase a career of being a leader on defense, but it definitely gives pause to any GM that wanted to draft him. Great value for money this low, though. I think the Bayhawks are becoming UVA’s professional graduate school. Do all the guys work for Smartlink too?

We’re going to end on that. See you later this week, Cannons fans – and check out my MLL team draft grades on Inside Lacrosse tomorrow!

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3 Comments on “MLL 2010 Draft Coverage – Death by Firing Squad”

  1. bubba Says:

    The Cannons took Nizolik, do you think he has a chance to make the team or is he strictly a practice squad guy?

  2. Hi, Kyle here – I think he’s great cover if one of the main guys gets hurt. It’s definitely a solid pick that late in this draft. I don’t think he starts right away or even gets a shot before Nixon, but he’s got potential.

  3. The Big Gong Says:

    so who gets bounced for Nixon in the line up…he is the type of player that can make an immediate impact on a team like ours, the way he controls the ball out of his own end is mezmorizing…who ya got sitting kyle?

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