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Ashley, Karen and Lauren - Cannons Dance Team Captains

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May 2010
Ashley, Captain
We are well into the 2010 Cannons Season and have two games under our belts. We’ve already learned five routines so far and a have a few more to come. Coach is having me choreograph one dance, which I’m very excited about. We also have our Dance Camp coming up, which is always a blast with the little ones.

We introduced our new uniform (jersey’s with sneakers) at the first game. It’s nice to have some uniform options. They are super comfortable and the fans seemed to like them.

The guys won both home games, which is great because the fans get really excited, which gets the dance team even more excited. It really is a win for everyone. The weather has been perfect (besides the wind, which makes it difficult to dance when your hair is in your face). I’ll take wind over rain any day though. We have a lot of new rookies both on the Cannons and the dance team, so it was great for us to all mingle at the official after party at the Green Briar in Brighton.

The dance team has really come together as a whole. Every girl’s dance background is different, which is a challenge of being on a team. But the girls are great! Everyone supports each other both in and outside the Cannons world. It’s so cliché but it’s true. We couldn’t have been more excited for Coach running the Providence Marathon, Maddy’s prom and a beautiful bride-to-be’s bachelorette party! The locker room is one of my favorite parts of the night. It’s when we all get to hang out, fight over the mirrors and get pumped for the game…always accompanied by a hot dance mix and lots of hair products!

I can’t wait for our only afternoon game of the season, Saturday June 12th at 3:00pm. We’ll have some mini guest dancers and an incredible new routine to show off. See you all there!

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