Cannons Dance Team

Ashley, Karen and Lauren, the Boston Cannons Dance Team Captains

Captian’s Blog
June 2010
Lauren, Captain
Though I teach movement to teenagers on a regular basis as a Fitness and Health teacher, it’s rare that I get to spend two hours dancing with children under the age of ten. Here is where the Junior Cannons Dance Camp comes into play: I remembered that I love dance camp, and dance camp loves me.

For many seasons as an MLL and NLL dancer, the highlight of my time on the team is always working with the junior dancers. As the wide-eyed and energetic girls walk through the door I know that this is one of the few times that I will have a genuine impression on a few aspiring dancers, so I better make it fun. This time around Nicole and I were in charge of breaking the ice and leading the warm up. We played a few name games, freeze dance, and a new game involving patterns and fruit (don’t ask–it’s cool I promise). After an aerobic and flexibility warm up, the Junior Cannons Dancers were ready to rock.

Ashley took her time teaching the routine with Cara—the girls picked up quickly and did not hesitate to add their own flair to the dance. After lots of practicing, answering questions, and drilling, the dance was ready to showcase for the parents as a preview to Saturday’s performance on the field. Watching the parents’ faces said it all—our hard work had paid off. Us big girl dancers ended with a performance for the little dancers, a question and answer set, and a game of wacky telephone (how this relates to dance, I cannot say).

So if you want to check out all the hard work the Junior Cannons Dancers did this weekend, come to the afternoon game on June 12th! We promise to rock out, but only if you cheer really loud 🙂 See you there!

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