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Did you catch any of the draft on Sunday night? In case you weren’t aware, we took Max Quinzani at #3 after much speculation that we would. Honestly it was a no brainer for us. Even though our attack has been clicking and has put up 27 goals and 19 assists for us in 4 games, picking up Max now allows Buck (Kevin Buchanan) to play midfield. Max will fit in just fine back there, RB & Poskay will bring him along and he’ll do exactly what he’s done at Duke….ride hard, pick up GB’s and put the ball in the back of the net. Buck on the other hand will now join Rabes, Heimer and Smitty to form a pretty lethal 1st midfield line. Having Kevin potentially dodge vs. a short stick will draw a lot of attention and should create opportunities for his line mates. I’m expecting a pole to bump up to Buck in certain situations but as we’ve seen in the 1st four games Buck has no problem dodging and beating a pole. I know #99 is pretty pumped to have KB up top, looking forward to this weekend and seeing what this line can do vs. Denver.

We were originally looking midfielder at the #12 spot but the two guys we had our eyes on got nabbed up with prior picks (Delaney #8 and Cahill @ #9) so we moved up our plan to get Boyle @ #14 and took him @ the #12 spot. Steven is everything you want in an attackman and more. He’s got the size, the speed and can create off the dodge, be a feeder and a scorer. Expect to see S. Boyle in a Cannon’s uniform soon. At #14 we took Jimmy Connolly…..although many people see him as an attackman what caught our eye for a player who hasn’t played competitively for a year was his ability to dodge no matter where he is on the field. We compare him to a Kevin Buchanan, a type of player that can fill multiple roles and help at attack or midfield if need be. With our depth at both positions, we definitely have time to develop Jimmy but look for him to play some midfield for the Cannons.

The next four spots we went defense, long stick defenseman Chris Nixon, short stick d-midi Nick Tsouris (pronounced Souris), close defenseman Ryan Nizolek and midfielder Jason Duboe. All four players are phenomenal athletes and played multiple sports in high school (Nixon, Nizolek and Duboe excelling in football, Tsouris in football, basketball & track). These moves were made to add depth and as I mentioned above athleticism on the defensive side of the ball. There’s a chance you may see Tsouris soon, the other three possibly later in the season. Duboe known mainly as an offensive player at Harvard, we see developing into a good transition midi for us (T-Mids play both defense & offense). We completed the draft by selecting Kevin Gould an attackman and Grant Krebs a midfielder. Gould will add some more depth at attack and honestly we didn’t expect Krebs to be available that late but were happy to get the leading scorer for Notre Dame this past season added into our already deep draft.

As you can see the goal for us was getting athletic players who can help at multiple positions. When you can only dress 19 players on game day and carry 23 players on an active roster, maximizing these positions is essential and can make a difference. What type of player are you? Can you play midi and attack?? Can you play offense and defense?? Long stick and short stick defense?? The more you can do on the field, the better chance you’ll have of taking your game to the next level.

Big one Saturday vs. Denver, time for us to get back on track and get a W. I’ll check in on game day so stay tuned for more on that. Just make sure you’re either at Harvard to cheer us on or on the couch at 3:00 to watch it live on ESPN2…should be a great game.

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