Ode to the Cannons

By Renee the Intern

With three games down and only 4 to go,
This internship isn’t going by slow.

In the office we stay busy,
By updating the stats making my head dizzy.

Entering stats can be like a Greatful Dead Laser Light Show

We have to sort the merchandise that’s for sale,
Did you know that you can order it through email?

Just send a message to zrobinson@bostoncannons.com,
To order something for you and your mom.

Throughout the day we organize the Cannons camp,
You best sign up so you can be the next champ.

Learning about the players is an obligation,
Let me share with you some information.

Leading with goals is Matt Poskay,
Thank goodness he’s here to stay!

Now lets talk about Kip Turner,
He sure isn’t a player we want to leave on the burner.

Turner is melting opposing offenses

Catching everything that comes in sight,
He wont let the team go down without a fight.

Watching Chris Passavia,
All we can say is Oh mamma mia!

What about that Paul Rabil?
He is always willing, ready and able!

Then we got Brad Ross,
He always shows the other team who is boss.

Opposing players might as what up Buck?
But he just runs them over like he’s a monster truck.

Buck is the Grave-Digger of the MLL

Oh yeah and what about Chris Eck?
Always keeping the other team in check.

Watch out for the hard hitting Jack Reid,
He might make you bleed.

Reid is like a nurse in collecting blood, except unlike a nurse, he will hurt you

Moving on to Matt Casey who always knows how to entertain,
When he blogs about people who stand on the plane.

Defender Mitch Belisle wears 85,
And he always knows how to keep the crowd alive.

Ryan Boyle struts his moves on attack,
Forcing defenders to give him a whack.

Rookie Max Quinzani is a Mass native,
His stick technique unpredictably creative.

That’s all I have to share with you for now
Thank you very much, let me take my bow!

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