Cannons Lunch Break

Harvard Square Hidden Gems: Flat Patties

Looking for somewhere to chow down before taking in a Cannons game? You won’t be disappointed with Flat Patties.

With a never-ending quest to satisfy our taste buds, the interns from the man cave here at the Cannons are always looking for somewhere to have an awesome meal. On our latest adventure, we came across Flat Patties located at 33 Brattle St, in Harvard Square. The word on the street was that this joint had a burger that shakes and fries that bake; needless to say we were skeptical. Rolling into Flat Patties in beautiful Harvard Square we noticed that the place had a unique set-up that instantly produced some ooh and ahhs. It had an open-ended counter with welcoming and friendly staff, along with seating indoors and outdoors. The place that caught our eye was a loft that overlooks the whole place, and onto the street. We knew that this had the potential to be an epic lunch.

Hubba Hubba Burger Love

When stepping up to the plate to order, the question wasn’t what we were going to get, but how we were going to get it. With our creative juices flowing we all made our own flat patties, ranging from jalapenos to caramelized onions. Intern Jon was adventurous enough to grab a double patty (he regretted it later).They had every topping one could think of, leaving no one out in the cold. Along with your flat patties comes an order of fries which are also of a crazy breed.

As we all sat down with our custom flat patties and fries ready to be taken down, a look of nervousness fell across our faces. How we were going to take down these monsters? We all decided to take the challenge. These bad boys were messy, but oh they were delicious. Butter pasted buns and a special sauce complimented the perfectly cooked burgers and their army of toppings. Throw in crispy mini fries and you feel like you’re at Disney World..kinda. Towards the end of the meal, the looks of struggle and satisfaction intertwine to make an awesome meal. As we left, we left as champions.

Coming back into the office with our new favorite burger place dancing in our heads, we were forced to take the elevator as stairs would have been hazardous. If you are looking for a quick meal, an inexpensive burger, and pure satisfaction, Flat Patties is the place to go before taking in a Cannons Game.

Disclaimer: Flat Patties and the Cannons are not responsible for any difficulty climbing the Harvard Stadium stairs after taking in one of their meals.

Food: A
Service: B+
Atmostphere: B+
Price: A

Overall: 4/5 Lax Sticks

Man Cave- The dark, cramped, lonely space in the Cannons office that the male interns have been banished to.

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One Comment on “Cannons Lunch Break”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    that burger looks banging

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