A Rough Day After the Office

I always knew lacrosse was a physical game but I thought that, as an intern, I would be protected from all the bumps and bruises. Apparently though, no one is safe.

After working at the office all Monday, I started on my usual three mile bike ride home, tired, hungry, and ready to be lay low with my roommates. It began fairly uneventfully, with the usual headwind down Lincoln St, before turning and maneuvering through the 5pm rush hour traffic to get to the other side of the road. I survived these everyday roadblocks just fine, and settled in for what I was sure would be the relaxing bike ride in the sunshine. Heading down the only down hill of the ride, I was picking up some pretty good speed— when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a car door opened directly in front of me. Having already been at the back door when the front door opened, I had nowhere to go except directly into it.

As an SUV, this was a car that was taking no prisoners, and I flew out to the side as my bike skidded across the pavement. Luckily I was wearing a helmet (unlike last summer, where in a bike accident I broke my elbow and got a concussion… but that’s another story altogether), and only scrapped up my hips and shins. On the way down my jaw hit the handlebars but miraculously the black eye that resulted faded quickly. The car door suffered nary a dent.

I thought I might be offered a ride home; after all, I was still a couple miles away and the woman had just opened a car door on me! But alas, all I got was a paper towel to wipe up the blood. Hard knocks.

Its not so fun from the other side

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