MVP of Cannons May Not Be Who You Think

Who is the Cannons MVP?

Everyone loves #99. The flow. The defending MLL MVP. The best player in the World. But is it possible that he’s not the best player on the Cannons this year?

Meet Matt Poskay. Scratch that. The ole Barn Cat, as one blogger affectionately calls him, has long been acquainted with Cannons Nation. In fact, this being his 5th season, in MLL years, let alone barn cat years, he should technically be referred to as grandpa. Poskay has long been established, heck he’s the Captain (along with Chris Passavia), but this year he has taken the leap.

Faced with declining numbers at the Attack position, the Captain was asked to move from the comfy confines of midfield for the betterment of the team. Not even Coach Daye could say for sure the change of scenery would work, but they were counting on Poskay’s superior athleticism and experience to make the transition smooth.

You could say they were right or you could say they were lucky. Poskay has exploded at his new position with an MLL leading 39 points through 9 games.  His 34 goals are head and shoulders above the rest of the league. Heck, if you add up the number 2 and 3 goal scorers in MLL, aka the Leveille family (Kevin 23g, Mike 21), the difference between them and Poskay is less (9) than what Poskay leads the number 2 goal scorer by (11).

The Cannons Captain is making a case for League MVP

Not to mention, wait, no, take that back, I am meaning to mention this, the guy is deadly accurate. He’s shooting at a 47.2% clip, good for fourth in the league. The three guys ahead of him in that category have a combined 23 goals. In baseball terms, those guys wouldn’t have enough at-bats to qualify for the batting title.

Please allow another baseball reference; Poskay’s season is shaping up like Big Papi for the Sox in ’04. With 3 games left he already has 3 game winning goals. That’s tied for the Cannons record for game winning goals in a season. Who holds the Cannons career record for game winning goals? You guessed it, the Barn Cat. He quietly accomplished that feat last week in the Cannons 16-10 victory over Chesapeake.

Let’s look at Poskay in terms of Cannons history a little closer. He needs just 4 goals to tie the Cannons All-Time Goal Record of 133 established by David Evans. He’s amassed that total the hard way with just 1 2pt goal in his career!It’s not a question of if he’ll do it, but when? Averaging a shade under 4 goals per game it’s not impossible to think he might dig deep and pull out something special for the home crowd July 24th at Harvard Stadium against Toronto, say 5 goals, and take the record all for himself.

That’s not all. If he continues his current goals per game pace he’d accumulate about 45 goals on the season (not counting playoffs). That would blow out the Cannons single season goals record of 39 by Michael Watson in 2004 and equaled in 2005 by Kevin Leveille. It’s possible that this record too could be torn down in the Cannons next game July 24th.

Poskay’s 147 goals in just 48 games gives him the highest Goals Per Game Average of any Cannon in history with at least 40 goals. His next Power Play Goal will push him into first place in Cannons History in both PPG for a season AND for a career, propelling him out of a tie with Kevin Leveille who also had 9 PPG in 2005 and David Evans who also had 20 during his Cannons career.

Bottom line, Matt Poskay is putting together a historically amazing year, perhaps one of the best by a Cannon ever, while playing out of position for the good of the team. I heard he sells concessions during half-time too.

So while Rabil Rules; let there be no doubt who this year’s Cannons MVP is. Poskay is tearing up the Cannons record books and making a case to change his nickname from the Barn Cat, to Mr. Cannon. You may want to re-introduce yourself.

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  1. ejg06 Says:

    I think it was a great article

  2. I cannot believe this is true!

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