Cannons vs. Nationals Video Blog

Last year another lacrosse…journalist and I embarked upon a wonderful adventure for Major League Lacrosse.  We decided it would be a good idea to film our conversations and exploits on the sidelines of Cannons games.  I mean, if you had a field pass wouldn’t you do that?  Over time it developed into some sort of skit show, which is sort of hilarious considering I’m a terrible actor and Freshman is even worse.  This year our shenanagins were shut down, but with the help of some prodigious emailing and begging we procured our field passes and helped out a friend in the process.  Speaking of which, for all of your equipment needs check out the Brine/Warrior Outlet store at 38 Everett street in Allston, MA.  They have great gear at closeout prices.  Tell them Kyle and Dan sent you and you will get free stuff.  Usually I write a disclaimer here, but I really don’t care about getting in trouble any more.  If people REALLY want to take this seriously then go right ahead.  Jokes on you. Err, us.  All of us?

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