I Was Wrong

There are times where I sit down to write these articles and have no idea what I’m going to say.  I just sort of puke on my computer with my mind and what comes out gets posted up and ends up being coherent like 65% of the time.

This is not one of those times.

This time, I have to apologize.  I have to eat humble pie made of crow and feet.  I hate apologizing for things because I am a man and men we do not like to admit when we are wrong.  I have been boastful, arrogant and flat out incorrect. Deep breath.  Here it goes:

Bill Daye, I am sorry for giving you crap for almost five seasons for sticking with Kip Turner.  Kip, I’m sorry that I said you sucked for four of those five years.  To clarify, I’m not apologizing for making fun of you, just that I said you suck.  I feel as if that needs to be said.  And BD you should be thanking me because I cut every single joke I had about you out of my columns.  A little bird told me that you don’t like it when I bring you up in print and compare you to Science fiction anti-heroes.  Which is a shame because I had some seriously hilarious Lando Calrissian lines that everyone missed out on.


Time out for second; quick story.  I went to a training camp session in the preseason and watched Kip Turner and Matt Poskay slap hands when they passed each other in an agility drill.  It was the kind of thing your bench-warmers do to keep themselves busy during practice.  We’re talking “Hey, hey! Slap hand!” – pure gregarious happiness. Look at them now – multiple award candidates.  Time in.

I feel better.  Especially now that I get to bring up the always/never trusty pointstreak.com and look up Mr. Turner’s impressive 2010 statistics:

12 Games Played, 615:25 Minutes played, 7-2 Record.

Only two other goalies played in all twelve games this season: Drew Adams and Chris Garrity.  Adams had the league’s best defense in front of him and Chris Garrity stopped all the hard shots and let all the easy ones in because his team plays fast break Bull feces all game.  Adams had no back up and really, neither did Garrity.  Turner had the best back up in the league breathing down his neck in Jordan Burke, who actually managed to come in and win a game for the Cannons mid season.

120 Goals allowed, 7 two-point goals allowed, 11.70 Goals Against Average.

120 goals allowed is the lowest amount of goals allowed since 2004 for a goalie that has played ten or more games.  That is INSANE.  Seven 2-pointers allowed is a fairly average number, but a few of those came when Kip ventured out of the net too much earlier in the season.  What? It can’t all be champagne and roses, can it?  The 11.7 Goals against average is second in the league behind Drew Adams, but to put that in perspective, those two GAA’s are two of the six lowest in the last five years.  Only Jesse Schwartzman (2009: 11.28) Mickey Jarboe (2007: 11.11) Brian Dougherty (2005: 11.6) and Greg Cattrano (2005: 11.35) have had lower totals.  Elite goalies – all of them.  Elite goalies that all had ELITE defenses in front of them.  Not to cast aspersions, but the Cannons D – while definitely respectable, -was NOT elite this year.  Kipper’s outlets and clearing ability saved more possessions than any other player on the Cannons roster.  He’s the best clearing goalie in the game right now.

.595 Save Percentage, 176 Saves.

This is the true measure of a goalie.  The save numbers.  Any goalie that even sniffs 60% in the MLL is otherworldly talented.  There is no way around that fact.  Kip turner’s talent has never really been in question.  His focus, his preparation, his fitness, his haircut – those have been in question since he was drafted.  It took five years for him to overcome each of those issues, but he has delivered a truly consistent and spectacular season.  In fact, it’s one of the best statistical seasons in the history of the MLL.   No other goalie had as many saves in 2010.  In fact, only one player was close, Chris Garrity.  He had one less save.  You know what they say, if you’re not first, you’re last.  How second place taste buddy?  You like it down there in Baltimore/Chesapeake/no-one-goes-to-your-games?  Do you miss Boston?  WELL DO YOU?  Because now we don’t miss you.

We have Kip Turner.  The 2010 MLL goalie of the year.

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