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Boomers Weekend At Lake Winni

June 29, 2010

What’s going on guys. Just getting back from a nice weekend up on Lake Winnipesaukee. Got a chance to go boating and jet skiing. I also tried waterskiing but I found out very quickly that its not as easy as it looks. Took me about fifteen tries to finally get up and once I was up I fell straight on my face. It didn’t feel very good. I even got a chance to go on a cruise on The Mount Washington which was pretty cool.

Boomer feels on top of the world when he is at lake winni

But now I am back and looking forward to our game against the Toronto Nationals on July 1st. We may have put ourselves in a little bit of a whole last game going down by 8, but the cannons stuck with it and came back to win 17-14. Leading the way as always was our leading goal and point scorer Matt Poskay, who tallied six goals on the night. Another key contributor was rookie goalie Jordan Burke, who had an amazing game in net and ended up getting the game MVP.

Poskay celebrating after another one of his many goals

I hope to see all you crazy, loud, screaming Boston Cannons Fans at the All-Star game on July 8th at at 7pm. Should be an exciting and action packed game. All the top players will be there to put on an amazing show. Matt Poskay, Kevin Buchanan, and Chris Eck will be there representing The Boston Cannons on the all-star team. And Paul Rabil, Ryan Boyle, Kyle Sweeney, and Ryan McClay will represent the Cannons on Team USA.


Catching up with Boomer

May 18, 2010

Boomer is the master of the copy machine

 Hey Everyone! Just wanted to say that Saturday Night was Awesome!  It’s always great to get back in the swing of things, I think I started off a little rusty but it came back to me just like riding a bike, I’m not too good at riding a bike, but you get the point!

With one win in the books we got The Machine in view, as coach says, “One Game at a Time.” I’m pitching in around the office selling tickets, making copies and perfecting my patented smile and wave!

Boomer raiding the office fridge

Boomer kicking back with the NE Lax Journal

Working OT

May 6, 2010

Things have been crazy around the office getting every last detail ready to run a smooth, successful and fun operation in time for the first game of the regular season. So crazy in fact that we’ve had to ask Boomer to put in a little OT on the phones and taking ticket orders, in addition to his duties as the best mascot in the world.

Little known fact: Boomer can type FASTER than Rabil can shoot it


Boomer needs to be a good typer because his penmanship isn't the best


Boomer could use some work on phone etiquette too, "Anyone there, hello?" Boomer: "..........."

Boomer at Fenway

April 27, 2010

Striking a pose in front of the monstah

The Sox will move up the standings soon!

With Slyde, Lucky and Scorch

Blaze, Slyde, Lucky and Scorch in front of the Monster

 Hey everyone, Boomer Here! Check out my pictures from Sundays Red Sox Game of me and my mascot friends!


Lucky and Scorch getting the crowd pumped!

Everyone wants a piece of Boomer

More hi-fives!

Making the rounds at Fenway

With Slyde

Boomer at Fenway!

April 26, 2010

In front of the Green Monster with Blaze, Slyde, Lucky, Scorch and Blades

Boomer here!

What a busy and exciting weekend for the Cannons! Saturday was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day, I couldn’t make it but I hear it was a great success! Season ticket holders were treated to a Qdoba buffet and got to meet a lot of the players. After an autograph session everyone got to watch Harvard take on the 7th ranked Princeton Tigers, and Harvard pulled off the upset 11-8! And if that wasn’t enough, season ticket holders were invited to watch the Cannons training camp! What a Day!

And then on Sunday I was invited by Wally the Green Monstah to catch the Sox game against the Baltimore Orioles! Blades from the Boston Bruins, Scorch my lax buddy from the Boston Blazers, Blaze from the Connecticut Sun, Slyde from the New England Revolution and Lucky from the Boston Celtics were all there and we had a great time.

I really appreciated every time I’d hear someone yell out “Boooooooomer!” and loved the support everyone gave me. We got to walk out on the field before the game which was awesome. I’m not going to lie, being in front of 36,000 people was intimidating at first but I just did what I do best, give hugs and hi-fives, and got comfortable real quick.

I couldn't find Big Papi before the game

Before the game, in front of the Red Sox dugout I tried to give Big Papi some tips but I couldn’t find him. Oh well, Big Papi you know where to find me! And I’d like to apologize to the grounds crew for hitting all their rakes as we exited the field, I guess I’m getting a little rounder than I thought, I might have to get back to a strictly cannon ball diet! The grounds crew seemed cool though and didn’t mind too much, giving me the ole knuckle bump.

I took so many pictures with people and signed so many autographs and can’t say enough about all my mascot buddies, a great group! We’re like a family but we don’t see each other enough so when we get to do these kinds of things it’s really spectacular.

Wakefield tipping his cap yesterday as he walked off to a standing ovation

The Red Sox went on to lose 7-6 despite Tim Wakefield, one of my favorites, looking real good. The Sox might have lost but everyone at Fenway yesterday were winners, most especially the Boston Cannons!

I’ll post more pictures from yesterday in the coming days so check back often!