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Cannons Dance Team

June 10, 2010

Ashley, Karen and Lauren, the Boston Cannons Dance Team Captains

Captian’s Blog
June 2010
Lauren, Captain
Though I teach movement to teenagers on a regular basis as a Fitness and Health teacher, it’s rare that I get to spend two hours dancing with children under the age of ten. Here is where the Junior Cannons Dance Camp comes into play: I remembered that I love dance camp, and dance camp loves me.

For many seasons as an MLL and NLL dancer, the highlight of my time on the team is always working with the junior dancers. As the wide-eyed and energetic girls walk through the door I know that this is one of the few times that I will have a genuine impression on a few aspiring dancers, so I better make it fun. This time around Nicole and I were in charge of breaking the ice and leading the warm up. We played a few name games, freeze dance, and a new game involving patterns and fruit (don’t ask–it’s cool I promise). After an aerobic and flexibility warm up, the Junior Cannons Dancers were ready to rock.

Ashley took her time teaching the routine with Cara—the girls picked up quickly and did not hesitate to add their own flair to the dance. After lots of practicing, answering questions, and drilling, the dance was ready to showcase for the parents as a preview to Saturday’s performance on the field. Watching the parents’ faces said it all—our hard work had paid off. Us big girl dancers ended with a performance for the little dancers, a question and answer set, and a game of wacky telephone (how this relates to dance, I cannot say).

So if you want to check out all the hard work the Junior Cannons Dancers did this weekend, come to the afternoon game on June 12th! We promise to rock out, but only if you cheer really loud 🙂 See you there!


Dance Team Captain Blog

June 9, 2010

Ashley, Karen and Lauren - Cannons Dance Team Captains

Captian’s Blog
May 2010
Ashley, Captain
We are well into the 2010 Cannons Season and have two games under our belts. We’ve already learned five routines so far and a have a few more to come. Coach is having me choreograph one dance, which I’m very excited about. We also have our Dance Camp coming up, which is always a blast with the little ones.

We introduced our new uniform (jersey’s with sneakers) at the first game. It’s nice to have some uniform options. They are super comfortable and the fans seemed to like them.

The guys won both home games, which is great because the fans get really excited, which gets the dance team even more excited. It really is a win for everyone. The weather has been perfect (besides the wind, which makes it difficult to dance when your hair is in your face). I’ll take wind over rain any day though. We have a lot of new rookies both on the Cannons and the dance team, so it was great for us to all mingle at the official after party at the Green Briar in Brighton.

The dance team has really come together as a whole. Every girl’s dance background is different, which is a challenge of being on a team. But the girls are great! Everyone supports each other both in and outside the Cannons world. It’s so cliché but it’s true. We couldn’t have been more excited for Coach running the Providence Marathon, Maddy’s prom and a beautiful bride-to-be’s bachelorette party! The locker room is one of my favorite parts of the night. It’s when we all get to hang out, fight over the mirrors and get pumped for the game…always accompanied by a hot dance mix and lots of hair products!

I can’t wait for our only afternoon game of the season, Saturday June 12th at 3:00pm. We’ll have some mini guest dancers and an incredible new routine to show off. See you all there!

Dance Team Diary

June 8, 2010

Cara is a first time Cannons Dance Teamer

Rookie Diary
June 2010

So our third home game is coming up and I can not wait to get back on that field to perform and watch the game! This Sunday we will be having the Junior Cannons Dance Clinic at Harvard University Athletic Complex. We will be teaching girls, ages 7-16, a dance which they will perform with us at the game on Saturday June 12.The dance that we will be performing with the Junior Cannons is energetic and fun! I know the girls will have a blast performing with the Dance Team.

Another great event that the Dance Team will be attending is the NStar Walk for Children’s Hospital. We will be supporting walkers in support of Boston Children’s Hospital.As a member of the Cannon’s Dance Team, I not only get a chance to do what I love, “dance”; but I also have the opportunity to help out with charity and different events to make a difference.

Being a part of the Boston Cannons Dance Team has been nothing but great memories so far! From practice on Tuesdays, helping out with different events and of course the games at Harvard Stadium. The girls on the team are a big part of making this experience so enjoyable.They are all amazing dancers and I have already learned a lot from them.

I am looking forward for the rest of the season. Dancing and rocking the white boots with the Dance Team and of course learning more about the sport, I love it! So intense!

Dance Team Diary

May 11, 2010

Cannons rookie Madeline

It’s now down to the final days before Game 1, and this rookie could not be more excited! This past week we had practice at Harvard Stadium. It was my very first time there, and I love it! It’s gargantuan! Definitely the largest place I have ever performed. Plus, we will be outside during the summer! Does it get any better?

 As a rookie, there is a lot to learn. I must admit, I’m pretty nervous for the first game. Even after 11 years of dancing for an audience, I still get mega-stage freight! Luckily, I’m even more excited, so those nerves don’t stand a chance on game night! Aside from being possibly the most welcoming and patient group ever, the dance team veterans are also quick to offer up their invaluable knowledge and experience to us rookies.

 Practices have been intensely productive; an exciting combination of the most work, and definitely the most fun, that can be fit into three hours. Our coach, Karen, has us doing more high kicks than I previously thought possible! The payoff? Well, some pretty high kicks! And the assurance that we will be ready to entertain the crowd at our first game this coming Saturday.

 All the promotional events so far have been just as enjoyable. Getting to attend such cool events is one of the many perks of being a Cannons dancer. Recently, I attended a Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids charity event, and had the chance to meet some incredible runners psyching up to run the Boston Marathon in the charity’s honor. Soon after, I had the opportunity to cheer on those same individuals, along with 20,000 other amazing athletes in the marathon.

 Hope to see you at our home opener this coming Saturday, May 15th! Let’s hope for some great weather, and of course, a strong start to the season!

Cannons Dance Team

May 6, 2010

Karen is the fearless leader of the Cannons Dance Team

May 2010
We are just weeks, practically days away from the 2010 home opener! A part of me wishes we had just a few more weeks to prepare and get a few dances under our belt. But the bigger part of me can’t wait. Even though it’s my 5th season with the team, I still look forward to the first game and kicking off the season. An added bonus is that my favorite part of the game happens first thing; the tunnel for player introductions!

We had the chance to practice on the field at Harvard this week which makes the transition from practice in the gym to game time a lot easier, especially for rookies. It was so nice to see their faces running onto the field and listening eagerly as I explained what we do throughout the game; where we stand and then actually dancing on the field. Of course, it still doesn’t compare to the experience of doing all that with thousands of screaming Cannons fans in the stands – we were all alone in that huge stadium during our practice! One rookie, Cara said it best “Wow!” when she saw just how big and impressive Harvard Stadium is!

In our final practice, we’ll be perfecting our sidelines, on –field dances and going through last minute game details with rookies. Hopefully we’ll see you at Harvard to kick off the 2010 Cannons season!

Marathon Recap

April 20, 2010

We had a great time over at Needham Bank in Wellesley for the Boston Marathon yesterday, thanks for having us! 

We Came. We Saw. We Conquored. We gave out tons of Cannons magnets, stickers and posters, Wellesley native and legend Mike Stone signed tons of autographs, and the Cannons Dance Team with Boomer were awesome chearing and supplying much needed encouragement to thousands of runners!  Safe to say that everyone had a great time!

Mike signed everything and Wellesley really came out to show their support of him.

Boomer was an even bigger celebrity than Mike Stone!

Our beautiful and talented Dance Team gave support to many runners!

Our fearless leader, Cannons GM Mark Kastrud, had no time to stop as he ran the race in under 3 hours and 43 minutes! Congrats Mark!

Thanks again to our friends at Needham Bank who invited us out to watch the race!


April 12, 2010

Lauren is in her third year with the Cannons Dance Team

Captains Blog!

People running on the Charles, walking around Fenway, and reading on the BU Beach can only mean one thing:  Opening Day for the Boston Cannons is right around the corner!  With a month of practices under our dancing belts we can feel the anticipation as we get closer to May 15th.  To prepare for a jam-packed schedule, the Boston Cannons Dance Team members have had to shift into high gear with lots of organizing, primping, and learning. 

During the first two practices it is imperative that everyone on the team gets on the same page.  Karen, our fearless leader, spent the first hour of our first practice together handing out important documents, like team expectations and schedules, uniforms, and helpful information about the Cannons organization.  We then reviewed the audition dance (which later became our first full routine!) and went over all of our signature side-line moves.  I left practice feeling proud of my new teammates and ready to take on whatever challenges this season will present!

In addition to organizing, we had to prepare our bodies, hair follicles, and skin cells for our long (but awesome) photo shoot in Manchester, NH.  We piled into a beautiful studio on Elm St., and followed instructions from our photographer: Allie Burke of Natural Images by Allie.  She made us feel incredibly comfortable and helped make our photos perfect for promoting the 2010 Cannons!  Best of all, we got to know one another and I can’t wait to spend the next few months learning more about each beautiful and talented dancer.

Though it is important to prepare the teams promotional materials, most important is our ability to deliver exciting routines on the sidelines, and on the field, for the loyal and loud Cannons fans.  Between the rookies learning all the new sidelines, and everyone soaking in new choreography, our brains and bodies have been working overtime to get ready to do what we do best:  entertain.  I can’t wait to get out on the field on May 15th and show the Denver Outlaws what we are all about!  See you there 🙂