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Daye Time

June 11, 2010

Coach Daye

Did you catch any of the draft on Sunday night? In case you weren’t aware, we took Max Quinzani at #3 after much speculation that we would. Honestly it was a no brainer for us. Even though our attack has been clicking and has put up 27 goals and 19 assists for us in 4 games, picking up Max now allows Buck (Kevin Buchanan) to play midfield. Max will fit in just fine back there, RB & Poskay will bring him along and he’ll do exactly what he’s done at Duke….ride hard, pick up GB’s and put the ball in the back of the net. Buck on the other hand will now join Rabes, Heimer and Smitty to form a pretty lethal 1st midfield line. Having Kevin potentially dodge vs. a short stick will draw a lot of attention and should create opportunities for his line mates. I’m expecting a pole to bump up to Buck in certain situations but as we’ve seen in the 1st four games Buck has no problem dodging and beating a pole. I know #99 is pretty pumped to have KB up top, looking forward to this weekend and seeing what this line can do vs. Denver.

We were originally looking midfielder at the #12 spot but the two guys we had our eyes on got nabbed up with prior picks (Delaney #8 and Cahill @ #9) so we moved up our plan to get Boyle @ #14 and took him @ the #12 spot. Steven is everything you want in an attackman and more. He’s got the size, the speed and can create off the dodge, be a feeder and a scorer. Expect to see S. Boyle in a Cannon’s uniform soon. At #14 we took Jimmy Connolly…..although many people see him as an attackman what caught our eye for a player who hasn’t played competitively for a year was his ability to dodge no matter where he is on the field. We compare him to a Kevin Buchanan, a type of player that can fill multiple roles and help at attack or midfield if need be. With our depth at both positions, we definitely have time to develop Jimmy but look for him to play some midfield for the Cannons.

The next four spots we went defense, long stick defenseman Chris Nixon, short stick d-midi Nick Tsouris (pronounced Souris), close defenseman Ryan Nizolek and midfielder Jason Duboe. All four players are phenomenal athletes and played multiple sports in high school (Nixon, Nizolek and Duboe excelling in football, Tsouris in football, basketball & track). These moves were made to add depth and as I mentioned above athleticism on the defensive side of the ball. There’s a chance you may see Tsouris soon, the other three possibly later in the season. Duboe known mainly as an offensive player at Harvard, we see developing into a good transition midi for us (T-Mids play both defense & offense). We completed the draft by selecting Kevin Gould an attackman and Grant Krebs a midfielder. Gould will add some more depth at attack and honestly we didn’t expect Krebs to be available that late but were happy to get the leading scorer for Notre Dame this past season added into our already deep draft.

As you can see the goal for us was getting athletic players who can help at multiple positions. When you can only dress 19 players on game day and carry 23 players on an active roster, maximizing these positions is essential and can make a difference. What type of player are you? Can you play midi and attack?? Can you play offense and defense?? Long stick and short stick defense?? The more you can do on the field, the better chance you’ll have of taking your game to the next level.

Big one Saturday vs. Denver, time for us to get back on track and get a W. I’ll check in on game day so stay tuned for more on that. Just make sure you’re either at Harvard to cheer us on or on the couch at 3:00 to watch it live on ESPN2…should be a great game.


Carpe Diem with Cannons Head Coach Bill Daye

May 22, 2010

CANNONS GAME #2 — Saturday,May 22 @ 7PM vs. Chicago MachineĀ at Harvard Stadium

Early morning once again in the Daye household as my 20 month old decided to get dad up at 4:45. What else does one do when up so early? Study some more film, finalize the scouting report and get ready for our 10:00 team meeting before our walk through…….plus have a few cups of coffee! Another big one today…… honestly though, every game in the MLL is a big one! Each team in this league is stacked with talent, there’s no such thing as a “soft” game so to speak. The key to success is having the right chemistry in place so you can compete in all 12 games. If as a team you can accomplish this then you have a chance to get some W’s and make a run at this thing; the team that usually figures this out the quickest is the one who has success. Chicago is in town tonight, two good friends are on the opposite sideline; BJ O’Hara formerly of the Rochester Rattlers and Ted Garber a former Cannon’s assistant coach. Two very respective coaches in the game, so I’m sure Chicago will be very well prepared to face off against us tonight. For us, it’s simple….we need to build on last week’s victory and continue sharing the rock and getting everyone involved on the offensive end of the field. It’s nice that we have #99 back in the line up as I’m sure Rabes is excited to be back out on the field after 6-7 months of playing indoor. With the success we had last week with nine players on the scoreboard, Paul is another threat Chicago has to prepare for (and a big one at that!). Defensively our veteran presence needs to step up tonight and control that end of the field. Chicago is loaded on the offensive end; Kevin Leveille, Mike Leveiile, Chazz Woodson, Matt Striebel, Terry Kimener, Bill McGlone, Chris Rotelli, Brett Garber. All players who are dangerous and can find the back of the net when given the opportunity. When you play against an offensive unit like this, TEAM defense is huge. Lots of communication and making sure we are helping each other will be a very important piece to the puzzle. It should be a great game tonight so if you haven’t gotten your tix yet you can call the office (617.746.9933) or walk up and purchase them at our ticket office at Harvard. Hope to see you there, it’s going to be a great night and we would love to have 10,000 loud screaming Cannon’s fans!!

Big weekend of college lacrosse, best match up of the weekend is today at 2:30…..Carolina vs. Duke….what else can you ask for? Brad Ross and I have a dinner bet on the game. Should be a good one, winner advances to the semifinals in Baltimore next weekend. GO HEELS!


May 19, 2010

THANK YOU to the 9,841 fans that came out to support us on Saturday night and cheered us to victory! I can’t tell you how much it means to have a crowd like we have, they’re basically our 11th man. It’s a great to get the “W” for the home opener and start 1-0. Saturday night was the unveiling (so to speak) of the team we worked so hard to put together in the off season and we were pretty happy with the results. We had nine different players score goals and when your team is capable of doing that without the services of the reigning MLL MVP and Offensive player of the year…….that’s good stuff. We have a lot of work to do as we were sloppy at times but we’ll take the “W” and get back to work this Friday as Chicago comes to town on Saturday. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, call 617.746.9933 as we would love to get to 10,000 for this game! The goal is to take one game at a time and not look to far ahead, because in this league you can’t afford to do that as every team is capable of winning on game day. There was a first for me this past weekend as I couldn’t believe Brian Reese got ejected from the game. I wasn’t out there at the time so I don’t know what occurred but when I turned around and saw Roy Condon (the head official) give the “you’re out of here” arm wave, I thought we were at Fenway park for a second!

How about some of the upsets over the weekend in the opening rounds of the NCAA lax tourney? Army knocks off the 2-time defending champs Syracuse, congrats Coach Joe Alberici, great victory! Notre Dame lead by Senior goalie Scottie Rodgers knocked off Princeton and Delaware came very close to upsetting my boys down in Chapel Hill. This is what the NCAA tournament is all about……..parity in college lacrosse. Unfortunately some of the teams we’re on the outside looking in as they didn’t get a chance to show what they were capable of doing. I know the selection committee has a difficult job but I think it was evident that a couple of the teams (or one in particular) who received at large bids didn’t deserve to be there. That’s why I honestly believe the tournament should be expanded to 24 teams (2 more games in each bracket). This way more teams (Drexel, Georgetown for example) get into the tourney and get an opportunity to show what they can do. Thoughts??? Down to eight teams and this weekend’s games should be great; Duke-Carolina rematch, Maryland-Notre Dame, Cornell-Army and Virgina-Stonybrook. All playing for an opportunity to get to the big dance! Make sure you tune into ESPNU, check your local listings.

Congrats to Foxboro HS and Coach Matt Noone for beating their arch rival Franklin last week and capturing the Hockomock League Championship. 6-4 nail biter, Foxboro’s goalie had 17 saves to get the W. Best of luck in the tournament boys!

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Daye Time

May 10, 2010


Another competitive and intense day of practice yesterday to close out training camp for 2010. We ended with a little “pow wow” after practice yesterday morning as I spoke to the team first. Captains Passavia and Poskay said a few words and then our owner Matt Dwyer ended it by speaking to the team, all of us echoing the same thing……. Training camp this year was full of competition and it’s only going to make us a better team as we strive for our goal of winning the MLL Championship.

The coaching staff and I met for a few hours yesterday after practice with our owner and Vice President to discuss the last round of cuts that need to be submitted the league office today. There were some difficult decisions that were made and we went back and forth with each other until we were all convinced this was the direction we wanted to go with the roster for 2010. We had a very athletic group this year and possibly the most talented group we’ve had since I’ve been coaching. Our goals coming into camp were to add depth and more athleticism at the midfield, get younger while at the same time maintaining our veteran presence at the key positions so we could remain competitive. I believe we’ve not only attained these goals but we’ve surpassed them. We shall see, starting this Saturday at home vs. Denver. To see our 23 man roster once it’s announced make sure you check out If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for the home opener, go online or call the office and get that taken care of ASAP, this is not a game you’re going to want to miss! (617.746.9933).

I think we all knew Virgina was going to get the #1 seed last night but honestly I was a little surprised Maryland got the #3 seed. Matt Poksay and I were texting back and forth during the show saying the same thing. Despite the fact that Maryland beat Carolina in the ACC tournament, the regular season win and overall record should account for more. Even Duke had significant beef to say they should have been a #3 or #4 seed over Maryland. How about the committee giving Hopkins the nod and keeping the longest tournament streak alive in NCAA Lacrosse! If I’m a Georgetown fan, I would feel disrespected BUT the RPI is all about strength of schedule and Hopkins does play the toughest schedule in college lacrosse. Nevertheless it should be a great tournament with some exciting match ups in the 1st round…..Duke/Hopkins; can’t believe one of those teams are going home early! Make sure you check out ESPNU next weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or at least set the DVR as it’s going to be a great weekend of lacrosse. Check your local listings or for the schedule in your area. Go HEELS!!!!

Busy week for me, it’s the middle of the month so I need to ramp up some sales for LU team and at the same time start preparing for Denver. We need to break down film, prepare a game plan, scouting report and get ready for practice on Friday night. The 1st few games of the season are always a little bit harder to prepare for a team when they’ve changed personnel and you don’t have film on some of the new players you may see. That’s part of the job though and it’s what I enjoy the most. Time to go to work!

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Have a good week and make sure you’re working hard to take Your Game to the Next Level!

Daye Time — Last weekend of training camp

May 8, 2010

Sitting here watching the Bruins, Recci just tied it up with 31.5 seconds left….SICK! That’s what playoff hockey is all about! I know, why am I typing right now? Well, it’s the intermission between the end of the 3rd and OT and I’m pretty beat so need to get it done. My man Joe Beninati is doing the game, he is the man. I love listening to he and Q when I’m watching an MLL game, they make a great team. It’s pretty cool to hear Joe’s voice on a Bruin’s game, Yeah Boston sports!

So….. last weekend of training camp. We brought back a few extra guys to take one last look before we finalize our 23 man active roster. Competition is the name of the game so far this year and it’s what we as coaches want to see. When top athletes compete, it brings out their best. There are a few rookies that may push for a spot on the active roster, so this weekend will be an important one for a handful of players. What we are looking for is consistency; the ability to play at the highest level on a consistent basis. This is what separates players in the MLL. A lot is on the line this weekend that’s for sure, it’ll be a good one. Catz is back in the house to condition the guys on Saturday prior to practice. Then we’ll get out and start putting in offensive and defensive calls, different O & D sets, and mix up the personnel, etc. It’ll be good to get the guys all on the same page in terms of communication. We’ll get after it a little bit with some GB transition drills and then finish up with some shooting. I’m a big advocate of shooting, all of our drills mimic game like situation dodges and are at full speed. After practice Saturday night, we’re headed up to the Green Brian in Allston for a little team bonding exercise and then back on the field bright and early Sunday morning.

I just wanted to reiterate how that scrimmage last week vs LI really turned out to be a good thing for us. It gave us a good indication of where players are a lot earlier than in the past. It’s the 1st time we’ve had a preseason since 2001 & 2002……the early years, back when I was out there between the pipes.

Sunday, 9:00 tune into ESPNU to see what seed your favorite team gets…..or if they get in. Go HEELS!

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Check back on Monday to see who made the 23 and why…..

Next week….Denver. Boy, I can’t wait.


Daye Time

May 4, 2010

Cannons Coach Bill Daye offers his thoughts on the second weekend of training camp


I got back yesterday from Wilton, what a great weekend. The scrimmage went well for us, we got exactly what we were looking for out of it. It was an opportunity to see how the younger players would adjust and react to the speed of the MLL game and most importantly how would they perform. I definitely saw some really good things from a few players on Saturday vs Long Island. Unlike in year’s past, Coach Mule from Long Island didn’t really bring that many guys into camp so we were facing a very good LI team and the rookies and guys trying out for us performed well. Tomorrow we have a staff conference call to discuss cutting down to our 23 man active roster for the upcoming weekend. It’s our last weekend of training camp and I want to use it to prepare for our home opener vs. Denver. These types of meetings/calls can get a little crazy sometimes because we have to look at the big picture which not only entails how a player performed but also looking at the business side; travel expenses, salary cap issues, etc. Should be fun, always hard but it’s not a bad thing having to make these hard decisions as this was one of the most competitive training camps we’ve had in a long time!

Saturday night was pretty sweet as well. We went to the JDRF fundraiser gala in Old Greenwich and supported our teammate Chris Eck and his family as they were honored for all of their hard work and support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. You talk about high rollers, everyone was dressed to the nine and looking good….check out the picture online at of the Cannons all “cleaned up” as we like to say. Chris did a great job with his speech as well, it’s not easy speaking in front of 500+ people and he nailed it. Thanks again to the Eck’s for having us there as their guests!

Did you catch any college lax over the weekend? Some conference tourneys were played and two automatic qualifiers made the big dance. Congrats to Coach Alberici at Army for capturing the Patriot league championship and getting an AQ as well as my man Coach T for getting it done in his 1st year at DU after dismantling Loyola to advance to the NCAA tourney. There are a few more tourneys this upcoming weekend which will decide who goes to the tournament. Sunday the NCAA Lacrosse selection show will be on ESPNU @ 9:00. Make sure you tune in and see if your squad makes the dance…..I’ll be checking it out for sure to see where the Tarheels end up and who they’ll be facing in the 1st round! What’s going to happen with the Hop??? Johns Hopkins could be in jeopardy of not making the NCAA tournament, what’s up with that? A little fact, The ‘Jays have played in every tournament except 1971.

Our interview with Chris Bates is up on so make sure you check it out, especially if you’re interested in going Ivy after you graduate from HS!

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Daye Time Thoughts

April 27, 2010

Check out what Coach Daye had to say about the first weekend of training camp at his blog