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May 18, 2010

Mike Stone helped the Cannons pin the Outlaws in Game 1

The season is finally under way! That means I can bypass my entries about showing up 40 minutes late for the bus to the Long Island scrimmage and forgetting my practice shorts during the last week of training camp. It’s been a wild ride.

Mike did everything he could do to impress the coaches and hoped it was enough to earn a chance to play

All week leading up to the game against Denver I was stressing out about making the 19 man playing roster. I tried to prepare like I would play, getting in the gym with CATZ throughout the week and getting mentally ready for my first MLL game. I also had to spread the word to all my friends and family that I’m officially a big deal. I was very nervous that I had a large group of people coming to watch me play and it might turn out that I wouldn’t play at all! Friday night after practice Coach Daye announced the dress roster and I heard a long list of midfielders announced before finally hearing my name and I could breathe easy as I knew I’d get out on the field and play.

Mike grew up watching the Cannons, hoping to one day have his name on the back of the vaunted Red, White and Blue Jersey

Putting on the jersey at the start of the game and walking out on the field through a gauntlet of fans was very special and is something I will remember forever. My friends had been tailgating all afternoon and made their presence felt all game. Every time I came close to touching the ball I could hear them screaming in the stands. It was great.

It all came together for Mike as the cherry on top came via his first MLL goal, a night to never forget

I only got a few runs during the game and got a couple good looks without much result. Finally, late in the game I got a solid dodging opportunity and scored my first MLL goal! It was another very cool experience. The goal itself was not particularly exciting or important but it was great to hear the crowd erupt. All pieces came together Saturday night and we got a huge win against a very good Denver team. Playing for the Cannons at Harvard Stadium was amazing. I can’t wait for this weekend against Chicago. Hopefully we can match the results from last week.


Stone Cold

May 4, 2010

Mike Stone checks in with his impressions of week 1 of training camp, a week he really impressed

Wow, it feels like forever since I wrote my last blog. Things have really started kicking up in the last couple weeks. We are finally into the season and had our first weekend of training camp at Harvard two weeks ago. The day started with a season ticket holder appreciation where I got to practice my autograph, an aspect of my game that is really struggling right now. We had a lot of downtime in the morning and were able to work on our farmer’s tans at the Princeton vs. Harvard game, watching the Crimson defeat the Tigers for
the first time in 20 years.

The Gentle Giant Challenge is harder than it looks

Outside the game, the company Gentle Giant set up their “Gentle Giant Staircase” (if you haven’t seen it before it is a staircase up on one side and a slide down on the other). Gentle Giant times all of their employees for 5 laps of the staircase to test their fitness level. For “fun” a few Cannons were recruited to run the stairs in between all the young kids racing up and down. Fearing our own upcoming fitness test I was reluctant to join the running of the stairs but was convinced I could beat the world record of 28 seconds (set earlier that day by Speedster Chris Ajemian who crushed the previous long-standing record of 31 seconds). I coasted to a mediocre time of 34 seconds. My competitive edge set in and as soon as I caught my breath I raced back up the stairs to a time of just over 31 seconds. Still no record but I’ll be training hard for a re-match next year.

After all of the days activities we finally suited up to play some lax. Well, kind of. First we had to finish our fitness test performed by CATZ trainers which was fairly quick but very painful. We then scrimmaged the CroArt League All-Star Team. I was happy to see a strong Middlebury presence on the all-star team including former Cannons player and Middlebury Panther Jed Raymond. After the scrimmage we were done for the day and told to report back for practice the next morning.

Not cats, catz as in

Sunday morning we tried to beat out our soreness beginning with more
CATZ conditioning stations. Over the next couple hours we ran through a few drills and ended with a team scrimmage. All told, the first weekend of camp was fun. The guys on the team are a great group to hang out with and I have my fingers crossed hoping to make the team and get to spend some more time with them.

This blog ran a little longer than I expected so I’ll break it off now and keep my fingers loose for another entry later this week.


April 22, 2010

Mikes haircut says business but he’s still a goof ball

I got a buzz cut a couple weeks ago and since then things have changed for me. The trim must have brought out my inner animal since I feel like I’ve been getting a lot more respect on the street after losing the flow.

The truth is that I buzzed my head for a breast cancer awareness game for the Boston Blazers so I can’t claim to be as cool as my haircut, but I’m liking the results. I feel like I’ve gone from being the goofy guy bearing the brunt of jokes to a machine who nobody feels comfortable talking to without checking their every word.

It has definitely added to my authority with the Wellesley High School lacrosse team that I have been helping coach and my shooting percentage with the goalies has skyrocketed. As much as I’d like to claim the change in attitude on the intense gym work that I’ve been putting in and like to talk so much about, I really can’t deny the blatant effect of my new ‘doo.

Is the high and tight right for Mike?

The biggest downside to the high-and-tight is that it either took away my entire sense of humor or people just don’t expect anything other than war strategy and warrior screams to come out of my mouth. Not that I’m the funniest guy around but my day to day conversations are usually not this awkward.

Anyway, I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of my current situation so if you see me on the street feel free to offer your opinion. You just might want to run and hide if it isn’t positive.


March 31, 2010

 Last week I told you all a little about myself and how I got to be a part of the Cannons. This week I’ll let you all know a bit about my training regiment and my bicep curl abilities.

Playing for the Boston Blazers (NLL)has been helpful in keeping me in shape and with a stick in my hand. I’ve been lifting with the guys on the team a couple days a week at CrossFit Boston with my boy Neil who guides us through some pretty intense workouts.

This is what Mike could look like by training camp

I’m not usually one to lift many weights so its good for me to be part of a training program with a trainer. Otherwise you can usually find me at the gym taking long breaks and distracting others from their workouts. My feeling is that the presence of the gym makes you stronger not necessarily the actual weight lifting. However, I am trying to get bigger and stronger going into training camp so I’ve abandoned my old ways and am crushing the gym.

One of Mike's mini lax opponents

Outside of the gym I’ve been meeting up with Matt Smalley (Fellow Cannon) a couple times a week to shoot on Bruce Bickford (Cannons Goalie) in Rhode Island. We’re all recently drafted and want to make sure we get the rust off before getting to training camp. Back home there is pretty much a constant
game of mini lacrosse at the Blazers team house in Boston and with my steady improvement I am poised to take down House Champion Matt Lyons in the near future.

That’s all this week, I hope all you Cannons fans are getting as excited for the upcoming season as I am. 

Mike is a Wellesley, MA native and regular contributor to the Cannons Blog. He starred at Middlebury College where he was a 3 time USILA All-American including twice earning First Team honors. He scored 57 goals in his senior season, the second most goals in a single season in Middlebury history. Mike is training to make the Cannons roster this year.


March 24, 2010

Former Wellesley and Middlebury star and current Boston Cannon Mike Stone stopped by yesterday and dished about his background in the first installment of his blog that will focus on what he’s doing to prepare to make the team this year.

From Mike…

Good day Cannons fans. Welcome to entry 1 of my weekly blog series chronicling my preparation for the upcoming training camp and my experience growing up in the Boston area. First off I’ll tell you a little about who I am and where I come from and later we can get into more of the training and preseason preparation.

I grew up in Wellesley, Mass. and started playing lacrosse in 5th grade when our town developed a youth program. My family has a strong lacrosse history so I eagerly jumped on board and was very involved from the opening day. I went on to play at Wellesley high school for a great coach, Chris Gelinas, who turned our program around and really helped develop us as players. After Wellesley I went to Middlebury College where we had a very successful team and I got to play with some great players. Following college I was drafted in the 6th round by the Boston Blazers of the NLL and we are currently 6-5 hoping to make a playoff run. Finally, this past fall I was selected in the 9th round by the Cannons and I’m looking forward to training camp and getting back to playing some field lacrosse.

That’s the quick run-down of how I got to this point. In upcoming entries I’ll update you on my preparation for the upcoming season. If you have any questions for me or want more information please contact me and I will be happy to help out.

Leave No Stone Unturned

March 23, 2010

Wellesley native, Middlebury College star and Boston Cannnon Mike Stone is stopping by the office later to talk about how he’s preparing for the upcoming season, so check back thoughout the day!