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New Enforcer in Town

July 15, 2010

Jack Reid could break The Boston Cannons single season record for penalty minutes within the next game! The current record for penalty minutes in a season is 14.5 by, teammate and Captain Chris Passavia in 2009. Reid presently has 13 penalty minutes during the course of the season and averages 1.4 minutes in the penalty box per game. If he continues his current rate he will pass Passavia before the season ends. Come see if Reid can become the new penalty minute king at the next Boston Cannons Game.     


Clip of the Day: Mikey Powell Trick Shot

June 25, 2010

Mikey Powell’s front flip goal from the 2007 MLL All-Star Game trick shot competition

Cannons Lunch Break: Felipe’s Taqueria

June 24, 2010

It was a Friday afternoon, and intern Bryan and I were driving back to the office after taking a road trip to Merrimac to pick up some Cannons event gear. Seeming that it should have taken about an hour for us to get there, we made it in about thirty minutes thanks to Bryan’s driving skills. After feeling like I was in the front seat with Jeff Gordon for most of the day, I offered to buy lunch since he drove both ways.

He said, “OK, do you feel like pizza, burgers, or burritos? Because I know the best places for all three.” I didn’t really care so I told him to pick whichever place he thought was best. We were soon on our way to Harvard Square where I would try Felipe’s Taqueria for the first time, but definitely not the last.

We walked into the small, yet lively Mexican restaurant with a host of options on the menu and an assembly line waiting for our orders. Bryan knew what he wanted right away, so I was safe and got the same thing, grilled chicken burrito with rice, salsa, guacamole, and jalapenos. I couldn’t believe I could get a burrito like that for under five bucks unless it was from Taco Bell, but this only cost us about four dollars each!

As Felipe’s staff wrapped our burritos quickly and perfectly, we got a couple Mexican Coca-Colas and sat at a table in the concourse where we prepared to devour these works of culinary art. I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I took the first bite, I knew this wasn’t any ordinary burrito. It was literally perfect. Everything blended together to make the best burrito I have ever had and was just what I needed to make me a loyal Felipe’s customer from now on.

Want the most bang for your buck in Harvard Square? Felipe's is the way to go

A Rough Day After the Office

June 22, 2010

I always knew lacrosse was a physical game but I thought that, as an intern, I would be protected from all the bumps and bruises. Apparently though, no one is safe.

After working at the office all Monday, I started on my usual three mile bike ride home, tired, hungry, and ready to be lay low with my roommates. It began fairly uneventfully, with the usual headwind down Lincoln St, before turning and maneuvering through the 5pm rush hour traffic to get to the other side of the road. I survived these everyday roadblocks just fine, and settled in for what I was sure would be the relaxing bike ride in the sunshine. Heading down the only down hill of the ride, I was picking up some pretty good speed— when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a car door opened directly in front of me. Having already been at the back door when the front door opened, I had nowhere to go except directly into it.

As an SUV, this was a car that was taking no prisoners, and I flew out to the side as my bike skidded across the pavement. Luckily I was wearing a helmet (unlike last summer, where in a bike accident I broke my elbow and got a concussion… but that’s another story altogether), and only scrapped up my hips and shins. On the way down my jaw hit the handlebars but miraculously the black eye that resulted faded quickly. The car door suffered nary a dent.

I thought I might be offered a ride home; after all, I was still a couple miles away and the woman had just opened a car door on me! But alas, all I got was a paper towel to wipe up the blood. Hard knocks.

Its not so fun from the other side

Prep School Lax

June 11, 2010

After high school some athletes play lacrosse in college, stop playing, or play not at the college level. Others go to prep school. The top ten overall prep lacrosse schools are described below. In the 2010 season Deerfield Academy lead all prep schools ranked #1 overall by ”Max Preps CPS Sports” with a record of 15-1. Deerfield finished second in the Western New England Division 1 with Salisbury finished with a perfect 11-0 in their division. Deerfield Academy is in Deerfield, Massachusetts and a very well known prep school.

With that being said Salisbury is located in Salisbury, Connecticut and ranked #2 overall. Salisbury finished with an overall record of 13-1. Salisbury was the only team to beat Deerfield Academy and they are in the same division, Western New England Division 1.

The top 7 teams are in the Western New England Division 1. The #3 is Avon Old Farm from Avon, Connecticut with a final record of 15-3. After Avon Old Farm, Westminster High in Simsbury, Connecticut ranked fourth with a record of 10-3. Another school from Connecticut is ranked number 5 overall from Max Preps CPS Sports. Brunswick is from Greenwich and had a record of 13-5.

The next team on the list is from a different division. Middlesex prep is from Concord, Massachusetts and in the Independent division. They finished with a record of 13-2. The #7 team is back in Western New England Division 1, Taft from Watertown, Connecticut with a record of 10-5.
Brewster Academy from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire finished with a 13-3 record in the NEPSAC division.

Brewster is the first school from that division to make the list. The number 9 overall prep school lacrosse team is St. Sebastian’s Country Day from Needham, Massachusetts with a record of 15-2 in the Independent division.

The final school on the top ten lacrosse prep school list is Hotchkiss from Lakeville, Connecticut in the Western New England Division 1, finished with a record of 7-7.
Being that the schools above excelled this season is very special. Prep School lacrosse is very competitive and every team deserves respect. Prep Schools send athletes to colleges and help many up succeed. If you are looking for more information about Prep schools, please check out

Rabil’s Ejection at Chesapeake

June 11, 2010

Paul Rabil will be back in action this Saturday after being ejected in the first quarter of last week's game vs. Chesapeake

The Cannons have hit a recent slide in their past two games losing to the Long Island Lizards and the Chesapeake Bayhawks in back to back away games after winning their first two games of the season. Adding to the frustration of losing their first game of the season was the adversity faced when having to play almost the entirety of Friday night’s game without star midfielder Paul Rabil.

About seven minutes into the first quarter against the Chesapeake Bayhawks, Rabil was ejected after receiving a three minute unreleasable unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for throwing a punch at a Chesapeake defender. A crushing blow to the Cannons offensive spark and size, they were forced to battle a talented Bayhawks team who took advantage of the Cannon’s key loss.

What transpired between Rabil and Bayhawks defender Michael Evans, former college teammates at Johns Hopkins, has been described as a retaliation after the play. Rabil took a shot that was originally blocked, and was rushed at by Evans after he released the ball, causing Rabil to physically retaliate and hit Evans in the face, earning him the penalty and ejection.

Rabil was fined by the league for his actions in last week’s game, but is eligible and expected to play this Saturday against the Denver Outlaws who are currently tied for first place with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. However, that one loss came at the hands of the Cannons on opening night in Boston, so hopefully Rabil can bounce back and lead them to another much needed win against a tough opponent and begin Boston’s climb back to the top of the league standings.

The Cannons play against the Denver Outlaws this Saturday, June 12 at 3:00 PM at Harvard Stadium

Carpe Diem with Cannons Head Coach Bill Daye

May 22, 2010

CANNONS GAME #2 — Saturday,May 22 @ 7PM vs. Chicago Machine at Harvard Stadium

Early morning once again in the Daye household as my 20 month old decided to get dad up at 4:45. What else does one do when up so early? Study some more film, finalize the scouting report and get ready for our 10:00 team meeting before our walk through…….plus have a few cups of coffee! Another big one today…… honestly though, every game in the MLL is a big one! Each team in this league is stacked with talent, there’s no such thing as a “soft” game so to speak. The key to success is having the right chemistry in place so you can compete in all 12 games. If as a team you can accomplish this then you have a chance to get some W’s and make a run at this thing; the team that usually figures this out the quickest is the one who has success. Chicago is in town tonight, two good friends are on the opposite sideline; BJ O’Hara formerly of the Rochester Rattlers and Ted Garber a former Cannon’s assistant coach. Two very respective coaches in the game, so I’m sure Chicago will be very well prepared to face off against us tonight. For us, it’s simple….we need to build on last week’s victory and continue sharing the rock and getting everyone involved on the offensive end of the field. It’s nice that we have #99 back in the line up as I’m sure Rabes is excited to be back out on the field after 6-7 months of playing indoor. With the success we had last week with nine players on the scoreboard, Paul is another threat Chicago has to prepare for (and a big one at that!). Defensively our veteran presence needs to step up tonight and control that end of the field. Chicago is loaded on the offensive end; Kevin Leveille, Mike Leveiile, Chazz Woodson, Matt Striebel, Terry Kimener, Bill McGlone, Chris Rotelli, Brett Garber. All players who are dangerous and can find the back of the net when given the opportunity. When you play against an offensive unit like this, TEAM defense is huge. Lots of communication and making sure we are helping each other will be a very important piece to the puzzle. It should be a great game tonight so if you haven’t gotten your tix yet you can call the office (617.746.9933) or walk up and purchase them at our ticket office at Harvard. Hope to see you there, it’s going to be a great night and we would love to have 10,000 loud screaming Cannon’s fans!!

Big weekend of college lacrosse, best match up of the weekend is today at 2:30…..Carolina vs. Duke….what else can you ask for? Brad Ross and I have a dinner bet on the game. Should be a good one, winner advances to the semifinals in Baltimore next weekend. GO HEELS!