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What Up Buck???!!!

June 8, 2010

Kevin Buchanan is off to a fast start for Boston, on and off the field

What up What up Cannon Nation?!?!

I can’t even describe how much fun I have had already in the first two games of the season, not that I didn’t have fun in the third or fourth but the other 2 had better final results! My first game as a Cannon was unreal. Stepping out on that field and seeing the sea of Cannon fans was awesome, I generated so much energy and hype from the crowd. Oh and the cannon shooting off after each goal, if that doesn’t motivate to score G’s ….I don’t know what would…..SICK! AND BOOMER, he’s the MAN! When I have to retire my twig, I am auditioning for his job, for sure.

Buck needs to wake up, Baltimore crab cakes are fake-life. Everythings better in Boston Buck! How them Orioles treating ya?

Sorry, I’ve been slacking on getting to this blog, but a lot has been going on!!!! If you haven’t noticed, I like to stay busy. Work, practice and games have been doing a pretty good job of taking up my time. I did make time for some NCAA Final Four action hosted in my home town of Baltimore. I’ve been going to the games ever since I was a kid and I’m extremely excited to see how much the fan base is increasing. I love to see the support growing for the sport of LAX. While I was home I also made time for a little OCMD and plenty of Crab Cakes!

Bucks no Tim Gunn

Also, I moved into my first apartment of my own since I last wrote! It’s a nice small little joint, still in Southie, I like to call it “the Koo Koo’s Nest.” My buddy Dan Orr assisted in moving me in. I did however slice my finger open while moving in, bummer. Right now the apartment is pretty funny, other than my bed there is not one piece of furniture. I wonder… If I throw a few old sticks up on the wall, would that count as decoration? I would say I am off to a great start!!! Dan and I grabbed some grub after. It was crucial to get a meal in because theres nothing in the Koo Koo’s Nest to eat. I wouldn’t say I am a master cook, but don’t be fooled I make a pretty mean omelet.

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of our first two games and getting back to some winning ways!

Check back in soon!




What up Buck??

May 12, 2010


First I would like to shout out to Julie who commented on my blog a week or so ago. Julie, thanks for reading my blogs. I am impressed that you have been such a good English student. I wish I could say the same about myself but I want you to know I do have a proof reader his name is, “Microsoft Word Auto Correct.” I guess my proof reader let me down last week. So, I hope all you blog readers keep checking-in and please just take my misspellings and grammatical mistakes as a little humor for your day, because grammar is most definitely not my calling. O and I bleed Scarlet and Gray so there might be a few Buckeye shout outs from time to time.

The Cannons Chris Eck wins a faceoff during a scrimmage in Wilton CT

So jumping right in to the important stuff, we are kicking off our season this weekend!!!!!! I hope you are all as pumped as I am. Two weekends ago, the Cannons made their way to a little town called Wilton, CT to take on the Lizzy’s in a grueling scrimmage. I chipped my tooth in the scrimmage! I wasn’t wearing my mouth guard, I’m an idiot! Anyone have a good dentist?

Buck lost a part of his Buck Teeth

But anyways, it felt awesome to scrimmage with my new teammates and start building some game scenario chemistry with them. I think that is one part of the game that is crucial, I mean come on its called a team sport for a reason, no one man shows please.

Bucks cheering section was almost as large as a Florida Marlins crowd

 It was nice playing in Wilton where I had a few fans in the stands. My roommate/buddy/teammate, Bill Curry from college lives there and my parents made the trip to spend the weekend with the Curry’s and I. We had a pretty sweet time riding their Vespa around town. I love that thing, I thought I always wanted a motorcycle, but I could definitely see myself zipping around Boston on a Vespa! I wonder if I could fit a Cannons bumper sticker on it? We also had a nice little bonfire. I love spring weather.

Come cheer on the Cannons this Saturday at Harvard Stadium!

This past weekend was our last weekend of camp. I can’t believe how fast it flew by. Camp was great besides for the torrential down pour during practice. I hadn’t showered in a week, so I need it, j/k. The team is made and we are ready to take on the Denver Outlaws on Saturday night at Harvard Stadium. The team got all the new gear and we should be looking spiffy on the field Saturday night. Hope to see y’all then.



Interview with Buck Buchanan

April 28, 2010

Blog regular Buck Buchanan took a few moments to answer some questions from the folks at Lax United ( for some great lacrosse videos). Now you can put a face to the blog and if you haven’t read all of Bucks musings click on “What Up Buck?” on the categories menu to get caught up.

What up Buck???

April 26, 2010

Buck hasn't learned to keep his non-Boston rooting interests to himself, but we'll give him a free pass just this once


FINALLY….Cannon Camp is in the WORKS! It’s about time. I am running out of things to do to keep myself entertained. And that doesn’t help me to keep my blog going strong… seriously who wants to hear about how long I played fetch with my landlord’s dog? Well I must admit the NHL playoffs are keeping me quite entertained. This past Friday I watched my Caps get dominated by Montreal but my #2 team, the Sabres, are hanging in there and becoming quite an annoyance to my new city. Sorry Boston gotta root for my lady’s hometown team. 

Players signed everything and anything during Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day

Anyways, back to camp. I woke up Sat morning with the birds chirping, sun shining and visions of lax sticks danced in my head. First day of camp started off with a little season’s ticket holder function, where we got to mingle with the fans and sign some autographs. The coaches pumped the players and the fans up for our upcoming season. We then checked out the Harvard/Princeton game, and Harvard dominated the very talented Princeton team. At the game I ran into some old Buckeye teammates of mine, Pataki and Drake.

The players were put through the rigors BEFORE a scrimmage

After the game it was time to DO WORK. Catz strength and conditioning moved in to kick our butts in to shape. I am not gonna lie, I’m disappointed on some of the times, but now I can re-asses my goals. I guess the meat heads at GOLD gym didn’t turn out to be the greatest motivators. All look no skill. Haha just kidding. Anyways, we followed up conditioning with a solid scrimmage against a local club team. All and all the scrimmage was a great first go. Definitely showed us where our strengths lie and what we need to be focusing on the rest of camp. 

Yankee as in true American Patriots, not the baseball kind

So, I reflected on first day of camp over at my new joint, Yankee Lobster in Southe. Grabbed myself a Lobster Roll which was BANG BANG! I crushed it in a heartbeat.. 

Day 2 of camp brought some more strength and conditioning, scrimmage and preparation for next week to take on the Long Island Lizzy’s in a scrimmage.

Until next time Boston fans, 



April 16, 2010


 You wouldn’t believe how swollen I am from the gym. The guys who are getting ready for beach season are really keeping me motivated.  Bring on the Outlaws!!!!!

Castle Island was protected by Cannons, now Buck Buchanan, a Cannon, enjoys casual strolls there

The Swarm was in town this weekend to play the Boston Blazers. My buddy Dan and I hit up the game. It was odd being on the other side of the game, I did want to jump in there most times, but it was also fun getting the perspective of a fan. The box games are legit and I am not just saying that because I am in the league!

 I was pump to spend some time with my buddy Funk Doc-tar (Josh Funk), who’s on the Swarm and a past Buckeye teammate and roommate. We tuned in to the Notre Dame/ GTown game for a while and then we got some grub at the Playwright in Southie.

Buck has his eye on a Chesapeake Retriever, what kind of pup do you think Buck should get?

Random thought, I think I want to get a pup sometime soon.  I  likin’ the Chesapeake retrievers, Little flavor of home. And I think he’d love the water down here at Castle Island.




April 9, 2010

Beantown, What up What up?! 
I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and the wonderful weather!
I had a pretty awesome weekend. My girlfriend came to town Thursday night and I wined and dined her, and by wine and dine I am talking about Boston lagers (my new favorite) and Clam Ch”ah”der. I had a Lobster cake and it was moneyyyyy BUT, I must tell you, nothing can beat a Baltimore crab cake! I might have to open a little joint here in Boston.

we'll take lobstah and chowdah over crab any day!

I got a few essentials this past weekend; bedspread, lamp, groceries (at Trader Joes – I love that place), and new work shoes with NIKE AIR in them (they are so comfortable, I wonder if I could wear them laxin’ – maybe start a new trend?)!

"kite surfing is not beat"~Buck

By Saturday it was really warming up and there were a lot of porch parties, walkers, bikers, and even kite surfers in my neighborhood. I needed to explore, so I tested out my skateboard out around Castle Island. I was extremely distracted by the kite surfers. At first I thought it was a pretty weak. It just looked like they were getting yanked around by a kite, until I saw one dude getting some serious air and doing some wicked tricks. I stand corrected, kite surfing is not beat. Now I definitely want to try it.

good thing Bucks better at lax than hunting for Easter eggs!

Sunday I spent my first holiday in Boston. I went to my aunt and uncles place in Concord for dinner and an Easter egg hunt, which I struggled with. Concord’s awesome, the history is unreal. I would have been a pretty legit Minute Man. HA!


Two weeks till training camp people!!!! I just joined a gym….. It’s go time!




March 30, 2010

Buck drove hillbilly style to get a good nights sleep


Do you know how sketchy it is to drive 30 minutes with a full sized mattress loosely attached to the roof of your car? Well, I found out the answer to that question this weekend, turns out it is pretty sketchy, yep, I was “that guy,” driving 40 mph on I-93. HA! What else was I to do? I was alone in Boston and in desperate need of a bed after a red eye flight from LA.

The flight turned out to be pretty good. I have been traveling a ton this past year and this was my first direct flight across country in a long time. I wonder how much time in the past year I have wasted sitting at layovers?(random thought)  Anyway, I usually try to catch some sleep on these across country flights, but this time the anticipation of the move kept me wide awake. Good thing I flew jet blue and could watch……

After a weekend here in Boston, the adrenaline is starting to wear off and the jet leg is kicking in. I did accomplish a good amount this past weekend. I picked up my new ride, and along with that I got an easy pass. It’s my first easy pass, I’m pumped! Little things in life excite me, if you haven’t noticed. I also bought a dresser, got a desk from my uncle, spent time with my parents who were in town, let my mother clean my room (yes let her) then moved all my stuff in, and I even played a pick-up game of lax up in Manchester, NH. Aside from my body’s reaction to the extreme temperature change, the alligator arms and the bleeding feeling I had in my lungs, the game went great.  I was so pumped to be LAXIN’. I am now counting down the days till the Cannon’s season kicks off!

Bucks room before he "let" his mom clean

I am jacked to say I am now a Bostonian!

Oh and any suggestions for a good date night restaurant? My lady is coming to town this weekend and I need to show off this city!

I’ll check back with you soon.



Kevin Buchanan is a regular contributor to the Boston Cannons Blog.  He writes about lacrosse, his recent move to Boston and anything else that is on his mind.  Kevin is entering his third season in MLL and first with the Boston Cannons.  He was acquired in January along with three draft picks in exchange for John Christmas, Mike Levin and Ray Megill.  His 175 points while at Ohio State ranks 2nd all-time.

When you see Buck around Boston don’t forget to holler, “What’s up Buck?!”